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The Opinion Page is your place to spout off. This section contains letters to the editor, longer My Shot opinion pieces, obituaries, and Mike English’s award-winning Shine On comics. Submit your opinion to editors@moonshineink.com.

It’s a Dog’s Life



With six stories about dogs in the January issue, including one about a proposed leash law, one associate editor remembers her beloved canine Avalanche.

Drive Hammered, Get Slammered


‘Uber? Heck, it’s cheaper to get a DUI.’ Here’s another option.

Adventure Lust

Moonshine hits the streets and asks community members a monthly question: "Where in the world do people want to go to watch or participate in a favorite sport?"

The Question of Incorporation


My purpose is to seek counsel, opinions, perspective and education concerning the question, 'Should the citizens of Eastern Placer County once again investigate the possibility of incorporating and creating their own city?'

Measure J: No More Tax Burdens for Truckee

LYNNE LARSON  |  Truckee Citizen, thespian, athlete After much discussion and after spending an obscene amount of our tax dollars (nearly $400,000) for studies, renderings, designs,...

Supersized TAUs


Development in Tahoe is redefining an important commodity, TAUs, and in doing so, has the potential of altering the face of our communities.

Digital Detox

Moonshine hits the streets and asks community members a monthly question.

The Surreal Nature of Tahoe Politics and the Tahoe Summit


Friends of Lake Tahoe president opines on Tahoe's annual summit and the words of Al Gore

Obituary: Andy Hill — A True Seeker

Andy Hill was instrumental in the development of a large spiritual community at For Goodness Sake, the local nondenominational resource center where he was executive director for 12 years. He was a true seeker and loved to share his knowledge with all those who he came in contact with.

Memorial Forest Devastated For Bypass Highway


A memorial that once existed within the 64-Acre Recreational Area in Tahoe City has been devastated forever.