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The Opinion pages are your place to spout off. This section contains Readers Reflect letters, My Shot opinion pieces, the occasional Face Off written debate, obituaries, and Mike English’s award-winning Shine On comics. You can also find community perspectives in our Think Local section, our monthly staff editorial, and Do Tell, which is a question we ask five community members each issue.

The word count for My Shots is 600, and as of Jan. 25, 2021, longer editorials are approved on a case-by-case basis. Letters can be reactions to our coverage or a local topic or issue you want to bring up and should be 300 words or less. Submit your opinions to editors@moonshineink.com.

Insecure Weather


Sara Zimmerman’s comics

Invasive Species Have Dramatic Consequences

BY KELSEY LANPHEAR As summer winds down, Lake Tahoe residents remember how they spent their summer by asking simple questions: How many times did I swim in the lake? Did I go sailing? Did I...

If You Love to Ski, Love the Ocean


OPINION: Every breath we take has passed through the ocean first. Fish are more valuable to us alive in the ocean than they are as a source of food.

From Road Rage to Streets of Sage

Driving is a lot of things — frustrating, unsafe, annoying … Here are some ideas to make it better, with some life advice melted in.

Renters Have Rights, but Enforcement and Systemic Resources for Tenants are Lacking

Moving back to idyllic Truckee to live closer to her family was a no-brainer for Truckee local Hilary Abrams; finding housing, on the other hand, was not. Abrams makes the case for renter’s rights in a housing market that is so impacted that landlords seem to have undue power over their tenants.

Protect Air Quality in Truckee


Is it time for the Teichert asphalt plant to move out of Truckee?

Like Sand Through the Hourglass, Time is Falling Through My Fingers

Living through loss brings a change of perspective when it comes to growing older.

Tahoe/Truckee Folks Don’t Feel the Cold

Tahoe/Truckee winter outfits baffle tourists

Why are we paving paradise?


My Shot
Meera Beser discusses how the development and growth trend in the area reflects Joni Mitchell's song 'Big Yellow Taxi.'

Seeing is Believing

In a rare move, the Ink is penning our joint opinion: We need transparency from our authorities now more than ever.