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The Opinion pages are your place to spout off. This section contains Readers Reflect letters, My Shot opinion pieces, the occasional Face Off written debate, obituaries, and Mike English’s award-winning Shine On comics. You can also find community perspectives in our Think Local section, our monthly staff editorial, and Do Tell, which is a question we ask five community members each issue.

The word count for My Shots is 600, and as of Jan. 25, 2021, longer editorials are approved on a case-by-case basis. Letters can be reactions to our coverage or a local topic or issue you want to bring up and should be 300 words or less. Submit your opinions to editors@moonshineink.com.

Dear Editor: Experience as Fire District Board Member Shows O’Dette has the Skills and...


THERESA MAY DUGGAN: Teresa O’Dette will represent the whole district, her experience and expertise will transfer smoothly to the Airport District, and it will be good to know she'll look out for the interests of the lakeside taxpayers — she's done that for us before.

The Score Just In … Physics 1, Tires 0


Illustrator Mike English’s cartoons comment on life and politics in Tahoe/Truckee.

Work Together for a Scaled-Down Squaw Project

BY ROGER KAHN  |  Tahoe City I have lived at North Tahoe for over 50 years. My business career was in the retail service industry. Over the course of the years my family has acquired...

The High Cost of Clams


Author Steve Urie says TRPA's eradication of Asian clams in Lake Tahoe is not working.

An Unconventional Idea


California state government is broken.

Placer County Undermines the Design Review Committee Process in Squaw Valley

BY JUDY CARINI  |  SQUAW VALLEY The current Placer County position on the role of the Squaw Valley Design Review Committee is in direct conflict with the guidelines stated within the 1983 Squaw Valley General...

Guy Wilson: teacher, coach, builder

Guy Wilson, long-time local coach, teacher, and outdoorsman, died of Covid-related complications at 94 in Reno in December 2020. His son Scott remembers his life in this obituary.

Handy Dandy Kitchen Tools

Handy Dandy Kitchen Tools In light of this month’s Quick Bites, see p. 38, where we asked local chefs what favorite kitchen utensil they turn to at home, we put the same question to folks...

Wallace and Terry Balance Airport’s Services and Mountain Town Life


PACO LINDSAY: Balancing the needs of the airport with impacts to the community is complicated. Lisa Wallace and Andrew Terry both know and understand these issues.

Tahoe Forest Hospital Board Must Answer Tough Questions About Bob Schapper’s Conduct



Recent revelations call into question whether Bob Schapper, Tahoe Forest Hospital’s CEO, is operating in an ethical fashion with the best interests of the public in mind.