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The Opinion Page is your place to spout off. This section contains letters to the editor, longer My Shot opinion pieces, obituaries, and Mike English’s award-winning Shine On comics. Submit your opinion to editors@moonshineink.com.

Hardship for Parents; This Makes Me So Happy

In response to opinion piece, We Need Later Start Times Hardship for Parents I do not think elementary school working parents should take on the burden...

Longtime Gas Price-Fixing; Not so Distant


In support of rate increases for underground lines; gas station price-fixing; separation of snowmobilers and skiers

Staying in South Shore? Maybe Pull Those Blinds

Illustrator Mike English’s cartoons comment on life and politics in Tahoe/Truckee.

In this New Year, Say ‘No’ to a Tahoe Lost Generation


A journey to Spain prompts the Ink’s publisher to reflect on the endemic challenges of living with other humans, and how we might avert the threat of a ‘lost generation.’

The Importance of Sports


An old soccer trophy reminds Mayumi on the importance of sports.

Facing Winter as a Newbie


News Editor Kara Fox relays what made her feel like a Tahoe winter newbie all over again.

More Trouble at TTSA


With local elections rapidly approaching, there is one public agency where voters do not have a direct choice regarding who serves on the board of directors.

Ice, Ice Baby


Ice, not snow, has been the region’s recreation surface of choice during this snowless start to winter.

Prison Reform


The prison system in this state is broken. It needs to become a true rehabilitative entity — instead of a for-profit industry.