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The Opinion pages are your place to spout off. This section contains Readers Reflect letters, My Shot opinion pieces, the occasional Face Off written debate, obituaries, and Mike English’s award-winning Shine On comics. You can also find community perspectives in our Think Local section, our monthly staff editorial, and Do Tell, which is a question we ask five community members each issue.

The word count for My Shots is 600, and as of Jan. 25, 2021, longer editorials are approved on a case-by-case basis. Letters can be reactions to our coverage or a local topic or issue you want to bring up and should be 300 words or less. Submit your opinions to editors@moonshineink.com.

Local Knowledge

These big storms make mountains out of molehills.
Moonshine Ink Readers Opinion

Readers Reflect | March 2023

Readers argue: The Tahoe Forest Hospital District plan to expand is important to future Truckee development; Leaving some Homewood homes unoccupied is a sad thing; The Yaguras brought great events to Tahoe/Truckee

Whining Helps … Said No One Ever

Social media sites are blowing up with complaints over the way the road snowplows leave berms across driveway entrances.

What Item Has Your Snowblower Accidentally Eaten Up?

In this big winter, plenty of people have spent time blowing snow off their walkways and driveways. For the February Do Tell, Ted Coakley III asked readers, “What items has your snowblower accidentally eaten up?”

Join the Fight to Protect our Community

In this February My Shot, TCPUD general manager Sean Barclay outlines why it’s important for ratepayers to invest in water distribution infrastructure.

Tramway Builder, Former Palisades President Passes

Palisades Tahoe (formerly Squaw Valley USA) legend and prolific tramway builder Hans Burkhart passed away at age 87. His family and Pete Bansen share this tribute.

Challenge the Inevitability of Snarled Traffic

“It’s a heart-hurt to view idling vehicles lined up as far as the eye can see,” our editors say collectively in this month’s group editorial. “There is a carrying capacity inherent for any system and clearly we are exceeding ours here.”

Homewood’s Bait and Switch

Kathleen Annice argues that visitors and locals should make sure Homewood Mountain Resorts gets more public review for its current changes, including its stated hope to turn the area into a luxury lifestyle club.

KT-22 and SR 28 – Which is Curvier?

Potholes gouging Tahoe’s roads are spawning jokes, nicknames, and ire.

Meanwhile in the Palisades Parking Lot …

There’s no more cherished object among skiers than the planks they wear on their feet. The older the better!