Regarding teen obesity

Outdoors to Fight Obesity

I have become concerned about the obesity crisis in teens. Today, teens are not getting enough exercise. Instead of being outside playing community baseball or basketball, or in more rural areas, doing farm work, a majority of teens are interacting through online games or watching videos. In addition, the foods teens eat are high in saturated fat and trans fat.

What can be done to help? I have found out that there are regulations of trans fat quantities in foods. However, companies can side step these regulations by changing serving size on their labeling. In my high school classes we are learning about nutritional needs, reading labels, and serving size, plus the dangers of sugar and too much salt. Becoming educated consumers seems to me to be one of the best ways to reverse this trend.


Teenagers usually have lots of energy. There are athletic programs in most schools and physical education classes. However, these do not reach all the students on a consistent basis throughout high school. If policies can be enacted to help teenagers learn more in depth about eating healthy food and actually making effective changes in their diets, we can make a difference. I think setting fitness and coordination goals while learning more about how muscles, nerves, and metabolism work is important to building life time habits. The way companies advertise should be more regulated to minimize labeling unhealthy food as healthy.

My organization, the Boy Scouts of America, is centered around outdoor activities offering rank advances and merit badges for camping, swimming, hiking, and may other communities will help encourage health and fitness.

~ Adam Helton, Carson City, via letter

On Moonshine’s coverage


I love reading your publication cover to cover. Thank you for putting out such fine and factual journalism. Good, local journalism is an endangered species. Thank you for keeping it alive and well in the Truckee/Tahoe area.

~ Tracy Spears, Reno, via letter

In response to Tahoe City’s High Life of the ’70s and Its Central Star

Throwback to Funky Times

That was a fantastic article. I live in San Diego and lived in Tahoe City in the ’70s, friends with everyone mentioned. It brought back so many wild n’ crazy memories. What an epic era and man.

~ Bonnie Obonnieo, Tahoe City/San Diego, via Instagram


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