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Tuma Is Off Base

In his June 12 My Shot article, Samir Tuma, president of the NLTRA and chamber boards, encouraged people to come to North Lake Tahoe and support activity providers. Mr. Tuma has been in litigation with the Rudnick family over a property dispute unrelated to their Truckee River Raft Company.

Twenty-four hours prior to his article, Greg Gatto, Mr. Tuma’s lawyer, provided comments to the Placer County planning commission on Mr. Tuma’s behalf that rafting should not be permitted. The Placer County planning commission extended the permits of both raft companies over his objections. Mr. Tuma, through Gatto, applied for appeal that afternoon.


Any real local to Tahoe City knows what a tremendous asset to the local economy rafting is. The two raft companies have been a part of the fabric of Tahoe City since the early 1970s and bring untold numbers of people to town to recreate and employ nearly 100 people per year.

For Samir Tuma, the head of the very organizations vested with promoting commerce and tourism, supported by tax dollars, to put his personal agenda before his duty to this community is unconscionable! He should step down from these duties if he cannot perform them without rancor.

~ Toni Rudnick, Tahoe City, via letter

In response to June issue

Cover Housing Issues with Respect to Environment

I greatly enjoy your publication, but I was a little surprised that in the latest edition there is no mention at all, as far as I could find, that local housing isn’t just about socioeconomic justice (my words) but also environmental justice in that the survival of Lake Tahoe is at stake. As you know, thousands of people commute into the Basin to work every day, and this is thousands of pounds of carbon, pollution (noise to nitrous oxides), so “affordable” housing is critical to the survival of Lake Tahoe. Critical. You didn’t make this very essential link. “Hey Richies! Enjoy Your $150 meal? Your waitress lives in her car! Give her an affordable place to live (say, your empty house?) AND save the lake!”

~ Virginia Moran, Grass Valley, via letter

In response to Town Manager Heading Out After Surprising Announcement

We Want Jeff Loux Back

Leaders of KidZone Museum learned this month about the El Paso Community Foundation, which is leading the development of its new innovative children’s museum and science center. The El Paso Quality of Life bond is bringing in millions of dollars to support libraries, museums, senior programs, trails, and a whole lot more. It is inspiring that a city of that size passed a bond that recognizes the quality of life for its citizens as the most important area of their public work. El Paso sees that housing, mental health, community enrichment, trails, recreation, and economics all play into our quality of life.  We said to ourselves: “We can’t wait to tell Jeff Loux about this great idea. He is all about the quality of life for the residents of Truckee.” Then we were deflated when we read the article in Moonshine Ink regarding his very sudden departure as town manager.

In the past 15-plus years, I have witnessed visionary transformations in my children’s schools, at the Truckee Tahoe Airport, and with the Truckee Donner Recreation and Park District. These public entities have visionary leaders (and visionary boards) that dare to change the status quo. Dr. Robert Leri, superintendent chief learning officer, has positively transformed our school district. Steve Randall keeps providing more and more recreation opportunities for us to enjoy through Truckee Donner parks and recreation. Kevin Smith, general manager at the Truckee Tahoe Airport, uses his influence to bring public agencies together to support the airport, pilots, and community projects. 

Jeff Loux is one of those visionary leaders. Under his short three-year term, he created a new department to work on affordable housing; he has created strong advocacy with Nevada County and the town to support our library; and he has participated in joint projects with other municipalities to share resources. The list goes on. Our leadership team at the museum is devastated to learn of his sudden departure. We can’t lose our visionary leaders who aim to make the quality of life for “we the people” a priority. What can we do to keep him working for us and including more visionary thinking within the ranks of our town planners? Please, town council, don’t let this opportunity pass. Bring back Jeff Loux.

~ Carol Meagher, Truckee, via letter


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