2022’s Burn Plans


After being absent for the past two years due to Covid restrictions, the official Burning Man gathering returns on Sunday, Aug. 28, to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert (aka “the Playa,”) where it moved to from the Bay Area in 1991. ~ TC

The Do Tell question of August is: What are your Burning Man plans for this year’s Burn?



Al, right here, right now

I really don’t have any, but if some good friends decide to drag me along, I’m in for the ride.


Marissa Mirviss, Donner Lake
Aspiring weaver and grad student

I love the desert and I love art and I love creativity, and I don’t love tons and tons of people where I can’t escape all of those people. And if I’m gonna spend a week or so out in the desert, I’m gonna go do it where I can be alone and do my own thing and not be surrounded by humans.

Aaron Breitbard, Truckee
Local influencer

We’re all in, going big. We’re going in early with a 45-foot dragonfly we’re building.


Tiffany Nicholson, Tahoma
Lover of people, all things earthlings, and nature

We here at Pass It On [Thrift] are getting totally ramped up by saving the funnest, craziest, most playful costume ideas we can, putting them aside and getting them ready for, you know, when the hunters come in.

Trinity Dugan, Reno
Fun/ny person/goofball, social butterfly

I did really appreciate the Renegade [an unofficial Burn held in 2021, her first] and how people could just come out there, especially from Tahoe during the fires. I think it was a great chance for people to go out there for free and experience Burning Man as it is and how it’s actually supposed to be created. But it’s a little frustrating that tickets are so expensive. Just having the playa back and having the community back is great.


  • Ted Coakley III

    Lived: OH-TX-OK-CA-NY-CA Visited (work and/or non-work): many states all over the U.S., MX, Canada, Central & South America, Asia & Europe. High on my wish list is Ireland, all over Africa, New Zealand, Russia, Norway, China, Iran, Bhutan, Ecuador, Iceland, Bali, Baja .... well, okay, any/everywhere would be great to visit. Worked: photo, film/video, manual labor, high finance, menial, profound. Someone recently asked me, "You like to talk to people that others don't like to talk to?" I answered that I do like doing that, as much as talking to anyone else, but it's not "a thing" for me that I'm especially into. A day or two later, it struck me why I was asked that - because a lot of people are not like that ... not like me in that way. I'm glad I'm not like others in that way. ¡All for fun and fun for all!

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