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On Sale Now provides a listing of homes for sale, with a lighthearted approach to real estate.

Cabin Fever

Who says a cabin is only good for wintertime?

Two Great Homes for Entertaining

Here are two homes that will have you inviting over all your friends.

Green Living Initiatives in Real Estate

Two opportunities to live green.

Capturing Reno’s Historic Charm

Two unique and stunning historical Reno homes

Three Classy and Unique Tahoe Homes

These three unique homes will have you feeling glad you spent all that money on luxury.

Three Gorgeous Winter Cabins

Three homes perfect for sipping coffee and watching the snow fall.

Three Opportunities for Uh, What?

Three quirky homes to keep you on your toes as you look around.

Three Condos Walking Distance to Fun Times

Here are three condos conveniently located close to shops, restaurants, and more.

Cozy Homes to Keep Warm as it Cools Down

Here are three homes to help you cozy up as fall temperatures cool you down.

Four Basin Homes To Help Housing Deficits

Here are four properties containing more than just one living space.