Nature's Corner

Nature’s Corner allows Moonshine Ink to profile something happening in the great outdoors, either a species of plant or animal or relevant event happening involving nature, or even a person working in nature

Pine Sex


Not enough elbow room in your kitchen? We asked three food truck chefs tips for cooking up great cuisine in cramped quarters.

When Coyotes Kill


Wily coyotes cause dog and cat owners to fear for the lives of their pets. 'Nature's Corner' columnist Eve Quesnel delves into the unfortunate times when coyotes kill, giving practical advice for learning how to live with them.

Don’t Take Granite for Granted

“To learn the secret of history, you must first pay attention to the natural history of granite and understand geologic time.” ~ Lisa Veyssiere from...

Voles, Voles, Voles: Yep, it’s spring!

It’s spring, almost summer, so you know what that means for our lawns — above-ground tunnels wind around the surface like toy-train tracks. We...

Cohabitating, Lichen Style

Lichen can’t be discussed without talking about cohabitation — two partners living in one space. In this case, it’s on the surface of rocks...