Nature's Corner

Nature’s Corner allows Moonshine Ink to profile something happening in the great outdoors, either a species of plant or animal or relevant event happening involving nature, or even a person working in nature

Jumping Jack Flash, It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas!


Snow fleas, also known as springtails, can eject themselves into the air up to six inches off the ground, equivalent of a human being jumping over the Eiffel Tower.

Sierra’s Masked Bandit


The raccoon is one of the most common forest creatures, but some of its traits are anything but.

A Fish in Winter


What do fish do in winter? They slow down and wait for spring. Some even hide.

Kermit’s Sierra Cousin


You could easily mistake the Sierran treefrog for a piece of granite.

Thoughts from an Untrained Naturalist


A life-long education in the great outdoors has taught Eve Quesnel to savor the natural wonders that are all around us.

Puddle Jumpers


You can't miss the pale swallowtail, one of the bigger butterflies in Tahoe

Parents! Kids! Explore the Outdoors!


Tahoe Institute for Natural Science (TINS) publishes a new children’s nature activity workbook for kids K-5th grade.

Smells Like Watermelon


Pink snow that smells like watermelon? It's no joke, and you'll find it over 10,000 feet.

A Bee for a Bellhop and a Chipmunk Concierge


Insect hotels are one way to beautify your yard while making an attractive getaway for bugs and bees.

One Small Beetle, One Large Disaster


What does Truckee/Tahoe's future with the ever-threatening bark beetle look like?