Nature's Corner

Nature’s Corner allows Moonshine Ink to profile something happening in the great outdoors, either a species of plant or animal or relevant event happening involving nature, or even a person working in nature

Eyes to a Hidden World


By the end of the first day Eve had spotted 34 birds, 20 of which she had never seen before.

Bombs Away!


Does extreme cone caching indicate a big winter? Probably not. Overzealous caching more likely reveals a squirrel’s resourcefulness in capitalizing on a big cone crop year.

Thoughts from an Untrained Naturalist


A life-long education in the great outdoors has taught Eve Quesnel to savor the natural wonders that are all around us.

Walking in Amazement


You only need to take a walk in your neighborhood to see the wonders of nature.

A Booming Sound of Spring: The Sooty Grouse


A note of caution: Being territorial, particularly during the breeding and nesting season, the sooty grouse female will aggressively chase any human in her path.

Kermit’s Sierra Cousin


You could easily mistake the Sierran treefrog for a piece of granite.

Raining Pine Needles


Every two to three years, pine and fir trees shed their needles, an event known as a needle drop.

Manzanita Deserves a Little Respect


With its beautiful pink flowers and its ability to reproduce with the aid of wildfires, the manzanita is one amazing bush.

Smells Like Watermelon


Pink snow that smells like watermelon? It's no joke, and you'll find it over 10,000 feet.

The Lone Albino


Tahoe City resident Wolf Schaefer spotted a rare albino fir tree on the North Shore, and an albino redwood has been discovered in Cotati.