My Shot

My Shots are essentially our version of an Op-ed. These opinion pieces are either submitted to the paper, then vetted and edited by the opinion editor, or solicited based on our desires for hitting certain topics. My Shots are Moonshine Ink opinion pieces that must take a stance on an issue — typically starting with a problem, establishing an argument for your stance, then answering with a call to action.

Word limit for a traditional My Shot is 600 words, and as of 2021 we are accepting longer (1,000 word count limit) submissions on a case-by-case basis. Email to submit yours!

Proposed High Altitude Fitness Facility Has Issues


The Truckee planning commission needs to address three main issues with this project that concern me greatly.

Rep. Tom McClintock’s Dubious ‘Plan’ to Address Climate Change

In his opinion piece in the March edition of Moonshine Ink, Rep. McClintock uses irrelevant snippets of science to justify inaction on climate change. He avoids the relevant science, which invariably highlights the urgency of taking action.

Preparing to Safely Reopen North Lake Tahoe is Up to All of Us

North Shore can’t leave it only up to the business community to prepare to restart the tourism economy, says Samir Tuma, NLTRA board member. It’s up to full-time residents too.

Railroad Snowshed Graffiti Removal

Teams of volunteers keep coming back to paint over and remove graffiti from tunnels and rocks on Donner Summit; one local activist says enough is enough.

Squaw Village Development is a Well-Thought-Out Opportunity


Squaw Village plan answers the challenge to not only plan new sustainable and economically feasible projects, but also find a cure for all of the poor development that exists.

We Need Later Start Times


The current early school start times are having unintended negative effects on our children, physically and psychologically.

My Wilderness is Not Your Canvas

Is one street artist the arbiter of a particular tunnel wall or alleyway canvas? Does a self-proclaimed aspiring Bansky have the right to influence what the rest of us see by creeping out in the dead of night to spray their art on trains, walls, and buildings alike? What about when the aforementioned unsanctioned art project affects our local beautiful lake vistas, river hikes, and world-renowned nature areas? Mitzi Hodges, a 50-year Tahoe/Truckee local, shares her perspective on an increase in graffiti on the rocks and walls of her home.

More Trouble at TTSA


With local elections rapidly approaching, there is one public agency where voters do not have a direct choice regarding who serves on the board of directors.

Ghost Bike: Quietly Remembering Larry Sage


A somber memorial symbolizes a life lost while on a bicycle

Andy Barr

Reimagining the Future of Our Business …

Andy Barr of Truckee Craft Ventures looks forward to the future of his business and the area’s small business and, especially, bar/restaurant scene.