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My Shots are essentially our version of an Op-ed. These opinion pieces are either submitted to the paper, then vetted and edited by the opinion editor, or solicited by the opinion editor based on our desires for hitting certain topics. My Shots are Moonshine Ink opinion pieces that must take a stance on an issue — typically starting with a problem, establishing an argument for your stance, then answering with a call to action. Email editors@moonshineink.com to submit yours!

Road Charging a Potential Transportation Funding Solution


Jim Madaffer, chair of the state's Road Charge Technical Advisory Committee, talks about a potential statewide transportation funding solution.



Measure J is Fair Finance

BY ROGER J. RINTALA This is our opportunity to build and live with two facilities that will benefit every segment of our community — a...

School Start Times Need to Change


Besides forcing many children to walk and drive to school in pre-dawn darkness, too-early school start times are creating a generation deprived of the sleep that growing brains and bodies require.

Memorial Forest Devastated For Bypass Highway


A memorial that once existed within the 64-Acre Recreational Area in Tahoe City has been devastated forever.


A Horse Mom’s Perspective

In a passionate My Shot, a horse mom defends the future of the McIver Arena, where her daughter grew up riding and loving horses.

The High Cost of Clams


Author Steve Urie says TRPA's eradication of Asian clams in Lake Tahoe is not working.

Collaboration Is Key

Phebe Bell, director of Nevada County Behavioral Health, feels strongly that the health of the community will be improved by the pending consolidation of four prominent local social services nonprofit groups.

Tom McClintock’s COVID-19 Science Deserves Scrutiny

U.S. representative challenges reliance on scientific experts during the pandemic but his use of science is questionable at best.

Vote Yes on School Improvement Bond Measures


Chairs of the Measures E and U committee urge voters to vote yes on the school facilities bond measures.

Wildfire Areas and Homeowner’s Insurance – A Call to Action

After billions in wildfire-related losses, insurance carriers have had enough, and the result is a massive contraction for insurance availability. But you can still make a difference.