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My Shots are essentially our version of an Op-ed. These opinion pieces are either submitted to the paper, then vetted and edited by the opinion editor, or solicited by the opinion editor based on our desires for hitting certain topics. My Shots are Moonshine Ink opinion pieces that must take a stance on an issue — typically starting with a problem, establishing an argument for your stance, then answering with a call to action. Email editors@moonshineink.com to submit yours!

Misleading Article Regarding Squaw Valley Citations After Death of Ski Patroller...


OPINION: I find it necessary to provide an accurate perspective on the citations related to this tragic accident so that our community has a more complete picture of what has transpired since that terrible day.

Is the Community Ready for More Squaw Valley Development?


Tahoe City resident Dane Shannon reveals lessons learned from a meeting with Wayne Poulsen Jr., whose family were Squaw Valley's first residents.

The Future of Homewood

Homewood’s future is in jeopardy, and a change in management prompts one opinion writer to consider a study and future improvements to protect staff and infrastructure.

Tahoe Serenity; Mountain Sobriety

“My name is Dirk, and I’m an alcoholic.” Find out why these are some of this My Shot author’s favorite words to say out loud, and how living in Truckee has guided him in dealing with addiction and along his journey to recovery.

Masks and Privilege

For someone who held the hands of COVID-19 patients, treating them for 40 to 60 hours a week and contracting the disease caused by the novel coronavirus herself, masking up is a social justice issue.

Once a Skier’s Mountain

BY TREAS MANNING  |  Squaw Valley There once was a time when Squaw was a skier’s mountain. We are now witnessing its transformation into a...

Help Our Children by Taking the Census

California census deputy director Emilio Vaca appreciates the sense of community he has found in our region, and advocates, for the sake of our children, that everyone take the census.

Liberty Utilities’ Ratepayer Rip-off Scheme


A community member writes about a local, timely topic.

Soaring Ranch Development Proposes Settlement Offer to Litigation


Art Chapman, Soaring Ranch project developer, responds to litigation with concessions to eliminate competition to downtown Truckee and to add desperately needed achievable housing.

More Trouble at TTSA


With local elections rapidly approaching, there is one public agency where voters do not have a direct choice regarding who serves on the board of directors.