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My Shots are essentially our version of an Op-ed. These opinion pieces are either submitted to the paper, then vetted and edited by the opinion editor, or solicited by the opinion editor based on our desires for hitting certain topics. My Shots are Moonshine Ink opinion pieces that must take a stance on an issue — typically starting with a problem, establishing an argument for your stance, then answering with a call to action. Email editors@moonshineink.com to submit yours!

Wrong Project, Wrong Place


The proposed Tahoe City Cross-Country Center is the wrong project in the wrong place.

Andy Wirth Epitomizes His Own Criticisms in Far-Reaching Media Attacks


OPINION: The Squaw Valley president attempts to manipulate his employees and the local community to think Moonshine’s coverage is bogus. But, critically, he fails to offer a core reason to constitute his claim.

What Money Can’t Buy

BY ANN NICHOLS We need to have a fundamental debate about the role of the market and the environment at Lake Tahoe. I’ve been reading...

Tahoe’s in Trouble

BY ROGER PATCHING There’s a serious problem at Lake Tahoe. It is so serious that it has prompted all eight of Tahoe’s leading environmental nonprofit...

In This New Age of Wildfires, Communities and Insurers Must Work...


As California wildfires worsen, a looming crisis of property insurance access further threatens the foundation of our communities, at a time when we are already facing an unprecedented housing crisis.

Last Year Was Not Normal, Time to Rise Up Locally


In Trump’s administration, the norms we treasure are threatened. Be a part of the resistance.

Collaboration Is Key

Phebe Bell, director of Nevada County Behavioral Health, feels strongly that the health of the community will be improved by the pending consolidation of four prominent local social services nonprofit groups.

Have You Ever Been Experienced?


Letter to the Editor

Significance of the Time Persons of the Year


As an activist, it has become apparent that not all share my passion to end the power imbalance that contributes to violence in our society. The time is ripe for this to change.