It’s tough being a real house cat in Nevada County. Right outside my window I see bears, coyotes, and even the occasional bobcat. Oh, and the glorious birds. Yet I am trapped inside. I can catch the occasional flying insect. This entertains the kids in the house, but is hardly enough excitement or drama for a spunky young kitty. I hang by the door waiting for my opportunity to escape.

I have found ways of entertaining myself. I figured out how to time the dog door when a dog goes out so I can get outside. I have developed a love for coffee and will jump in your coffee cup. I will roll in the coffee you spilled on the table. After a few sips I climb up on the counter, eyes wide open, and leap for a dog tail. They don’t even see me coming. It’s an intense rush. Apparently caffeine isn’t good for cats and growing kittens. I am going to try and cut back. That stuff is better than milk. The dogs and I have actually gotten along great. When I am not trying to swat or scratch them we snuggle up on the couch.

They won’t let me leave the house to play in the yard, but they will send me all the way to Incline Village to check out the kitties at the Pet Network Humane Society. Pet Network has cats of all ages and sizes including kittens. Two of my favorite cats were Meiko and Nerissa. Meiko has been with Pet Network longer than any other cat. She is almost 11 years young, but still has tons of spunk. I spent some time with Meiko and found her to be mellow, yet fun. I especially enjoyed how she pretended not to notice the dog barking at her.


Nerissa is a 2-year-old Maine coon mix. This girl has energy, charm, and good looks. She has tested positive for heartworm but has shown no symptoms. Heartworm is not contagious to other pets and when mild can run its course. It can in some cases be fatal. Nerissa has been healthy and drama-free since her diagnosis. Pet Network can help bring you up to speed on how to help manage this young kitty’s condition.

It’s in the Bag is an annual fundraiser held at the Chateau in Incline Village. This year, the event takes place on Wednesday, Aug 17, and is a great way to have a fun afternoon and support Pet Network at the same time. Pick up new or gently used designer clutches, purses, and handbags for the real housewife in your life. The Chateau is a beautiful location, and there will be entertainment, wine, hors d’oeuvres, and shopping. Tickets are $25 in advance and $35 at the door. Visit for more information.


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