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It happens all over Tahoe. You’re a good tenant — well-behaved, current on all vaccinations, neat — but you just can’t find a permanent place to live. It’s not easy to buy, either. Luckily, if you are a pet in the area you have a temporary solution at the Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe. While a lakefront or Martis Camp estate would be nice, most dogs and cats would be happy in any old place with the right person.

So far this year, HSTT is averaging about 45 adoptions a month with in the neighborhood of 11 cats and 34 dogs finding homes. Dogs average less than 10 days at the shelter while the average cat stays for about a month. There are puppies adopted in minutes and then there are the long-termers. Two of the most popular long-termers at the shelter are Dolly and Chestnut. Both ladies have been in-residence for about 80 days. According to HSTT Animal Programs Manager Emily Holmes, some animals just take a little time to find the right fit.

Say hello to Dolly. The princess is ready to move in with you. Photo by Emy Lou/Moonshine Ink

Dolly is known as Princess Dolly around the shelter. When you are with Dolly you move “at the speed of Dolly.” It’s nice to slow down to her pace. She is happy to take walks and easy on a leash. Dolly is snuggly and sweet; her only caveat is that she prefers to be an only dog. Dolly is 2 years old and weighs approximately 60 pounds. She is described as sensitive, mellow, and cuddly. Eighty nights at a shelter are way too many for this Princess.

Chestnut the cat should be easy to adopt — she only weighs 8 pounds. Chestnut came to HSTT when another shelter had run out of space. Taking in cats like Chestnut saves lives. While HSTT operates a no-kill shelter in which adoptable animals can stay indefinitely, other shelters in the region don’t have that luxury. Chestnut is happy to have moved to the Lake Tahoe area and is looking forward to hours sunning herself in a window or watching birds in your backyard. She’s a mature 10-year-old gal with some spunk. Chestnut’s hobbies include string chasing, lap sitting and enjoying tasty treats.

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