When I found out I was going to compose this month’s Flip’s Friend’s I got excited. Sometimes I get too excited. It’s a problem I have been working on. When I really can’t contain my excitement I do wind sprints around the house. At dinner time I like to show off my jumping skills. Food gets me pretty pumped up. Occasionally I may knock over one of the small children in my house. I really don’t mean any harm.  

Frankly, I think they could have asked me to write a lot sooner. I’m smart. I’ve been with the family for a year now. My hobbies include running in the forest and chasing squirrels and Bernese mountain dogs. I don’t know what happened in my neighborhood but there must be 50 of those giant dogs on my street. I love them but somebody is probably overdue for a spay or neuter. Don’t tell them I said anything; I don’t want any trouble.    

I was lucky enough to stop by the Placer County Animal Services shelter in Tahoe Vista this month. At the shelter I met Diego, a pit bull/boxer mix. I was inspired to write about Diego because his story was a little bit like mine. Diego spent his early years on the streets of Folsom. He eventually got picked up and sent to a shelter in Folsom with no one to bail him out. Diego was singing the Folsom Prison Blues and time was dragging on, until he found out he was being transferred to Tahoe Vista. Doing time can be rough. I can relate. I was in a shelter in Lyon County, Nevada before I got my ticket to Tahoe. I found a foster home and soon was adopted forever. Diego and I never want to leave Tahoe.  


Now it’s Diego’s turn to become a permanent resident. He has already made friends at the new shelter and found a foster home. Diego is learning new tricks every day. He loves people, kids, cats, and other dogs. He likes to snuggle and thinks he is a lap dog, but he also doesn’t mind hitting the town. This summer Diego enjoyed visiting Squaw events like the Brews, Jazz & Funk Fest.

Diego is a lover not a fighter. He doesn’t chew on things and is pretty much the perfect dog. The staff at the shelter thinks he is pretty special. The staff would also like to report that the shelter is getting short on biscuits and would love to get some snacks donated to help my friends. If you would like to donate some tasty biscuits or meet Diego, contact Kris Vivano at the Tahoe Vista Animal Shelter at (530) 546-1990.

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