Mountain Life

Life in our local mountain towns. 

Broccoli’s Secret Weapon


Cruciferous veggies have a secret weapon called sulforaphane.

Potatoes — Filling or Fattening?


We all know the potato is filling, but is it fattening, too?

Carl Park Bechdolt


Carl Bechdolt, with a family history that dates back to the 1920s in Tahoe City and a family connection to many of the area's landmarks, is about as local as it gets.

Carolyn Wallace Dee: Renaissance Woman


Carolyn Wallace Dee is a jack-of-all-trades and mayor of Truckee.

GORGEOUS fall-colored sunsets over the frozen paradise of Donner Lake. What a sight. Photo by Jeremy Jensen/Moonshine Ink

The Sweet, Sweet Outdoors


Looking to get outside this winter? Check out these scenic and accessible recreation spots around the lake.

Squaw Valley Institute


The Squaw Valley Institute has been attracting big name speakers and selling out events. But it needs community support to keep offering the same calibur of lectures.

Feeding the Frontlines

Despite the precarious times, morale is up at Tahoe hospitals because of generous support from local eateries and community foundations.

When Coyotes Kill


Wily coyotes cause dog and cat owners to fear for the lives of their pets. 'Nature's Corner' columnist Eve Quesnel delves into the unfortunate times when coyotes kill, giving practical advice for learning how to live with them.