Mountain Life

Life in our local mountain towns. 

A New Dawn


Flip’s Friends
Flip warms up to German shepherds

Is Your Salad Safe?


Tips for avoiding foodborne illnesses.

Food Labels


Don't take for granted that food labels are telling you the truth.

Truckee Broomball


Athletic grace roughly mixed with comical antics

Quality Products Insuring Quality of Life


Heidi Baikie wants to promote 'conscious consumerism' in her new downtown Truckee shop; where shoppers look at the merchandise and see the human cost.

Mother-Son Playwriting Duo in ‘Dramedy’ about Family Secrets


For years Val Kelly, a Truckee local and writer, and her 36-year old son, Noah, a San Francisco-based playwright and second-grade teacher, knew they wanted to collaborate on a project.

Do Tell! Why did you come to Burning Man this year?


People on the street are asked to share their thoughts on the same question.

Follow the Bouncing Ball

When you think of a cradle for basketball beginnings, Truckee probably isn�t the first town that comes to mind. But Truckee actually has a rich basketball tradition, although its legacy isn�t about sending anyone...

South Pole Pull


Truckee is the starting place for South Pole exploration.