It was a gloomy, rainy day when we stopped by the shelter. I have grown to love rainy Tahoe days because they are so rare. That rain and gloom only made the Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe’s old shelter look even sadder than it already does. The good news is that the new shelter will be completed this fall. If you haven’t made a donation to the shelter campaign, consider making a contribution. This is a cool project that you’ll want to be a part of.

My brother Indy is fresh from the shelter and he is doing great. He has been with us for about six months and I can report that he has put on some weight since his adoption, and his fur has become as soft as a cashmere sweater. I love my brother, and can’t believe such a cool guy was at a shelter.  

Indy and I made our first stop at the cat enclosures where we met a brother and sister combo named Basil and Vanilla. These poor guys were left at the shelter in a snowstorm just before closing time a few months ago. They’ve had a little trouble adjusting to life at the shelter. Basil and Vanilla are 9-year-old Siamese, and would like a quiet place to live. Basil is the more active of the siblings, while Vanilla prefers to relax most of the time. They are friendly kitties ready to warm your lap, purr, and settle down in a real home. They would prefer to be adopted together. Siamese are known to be playful, affectionate cats that often bond closely with their people. These guys may get a little more active once they settle into a new home.


Another friend looking for a home is Otis. Otis is about 2 years old and is some kind of a boxer or mastiff mix. We took our new buddy on a hike on the Legacy Trail, and he performed beautifully. We met other dogs, and passed joggers and wildlife, and Otis maintained his composure. He is an energetic, rambunctious, puppy of a dog still growing into his body. He’s a big goofball that gets a good slobber going when he exercises.

Otis has been working on his manners lately and it shows. He was adopted a few weeks ago but came back after his housemates didn’t get along with him. Indy and I loved Otis. We think he probably did need some better manners, but mostly he is just misunderstood. Otis knows some basic commands and is very food driven. Bring some treats and he will do anything you want. I think Otis would make a great companion for someone living the active Tahoe lifestyle. He would be a great hiking, running, or skiing partner. Indy and Otis had a great time running around, wrestling, and wading in the river. We had such a fun visit we hated to leave him at the shelter. Won’t you rescue him?

One more friend in need of rescue is Mabel. Mabel is an older hound mix who came to the shelter from Sierra County. I have a soft spot for older gals at the shelter. Mabel seems to be happy as she requires only a little exercise, but she deserves something better. If you are looking for a mellow senior who will love you forever, check out Mabel. We love her name, too.

For more info on Mabel, Basil, Vanilla, Otis, or the new HSTT shelter, visit Have a great month.

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