The dingo is a wild free-ranging dog thought to have come from Asia to Australia thousands of years ago. That is why it was so surprising when a dingo was found roaming the streets of Loyalton, Calif. Just kidding, sort of.

Dingo, despite his wild Australian name, is actually an adorable Chihuahua mix. He has the ears of a dingo, the face of a Chihuahua, and a long body like a dachshund — a dihuahua.

We first met Dingo at the shelter just before Burning Man. The shelter was unusually quiet, as the animals prepared to hit the Playa. The cats were working on turning the Human Society of Truckee-Tahoe’s van into an art car while the dogs made fashionable collars, packed their goggles, and loaded up the van with what looked like a giant bag of catnip. The fact that no one had a driver’s license didn’t seem to be a problem as Dingo thought if they could just make it past the bug check, no one would notice a bunch of dogs and cats roaming around the Black Rock Desert.


When Dingo returns from the Burn, he would love to move into a new home; he loves to snuggle, enjoys people, and makes friends easily. While he likes daily exercise, he does not require long walks.

I spent some quality time with Dingo and found him to be charming and friendly with both other dogs and people. He currently shares a room at the shelter with his more introverted friend and fellow little dog, Dudley. While Dingo tips the scales at 8.8 pounds, Dudley tops out at 11. Dingo is working on helping Dudley come out of his shell, but once he feels comfortable Dudley loves belly rubs and snuggle time. If you are looking for housetrained, mature little guys, Dingo and Dudley are the dogs for you.

In other shelter news, our friend Mabel has finally found a home. Mabel, featured here in July, was one of the longest tenured residents at the shelter and we are happy to report that she has found a home with some fellow basenjis. The shelter also has a few kittens left, including Maui and Taco. The kids at my house thought they were fun and adorable.

If you are looking for a new friend, check out all the options at the HSTT shelter. They have dogs and cats of all sizes, shapes, ages, and colors. For more info., visit

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