I’ve got it pretty good here in Truckee. I get two squares a day. I have a roof over my head, and I get raw eggs in my dish on a regular basis. There have been some minor cutbacks, however. I no longer get to eat my pal Tobias’ cat food after he gets done. Apparently, I was getting a little too fat from all the extra food. For a while there I had two different kinds of eye drops (I have some eye issues), salmon oil, glucosamine for my joints, and some kind of Chinese herbs sprinkled on my food. Not only was it costing us a fortune to feed me, but the directions for the dog sitter were brutal whenever my family went away. We had to cut something out, and my folks chose the salmon oil. This makes them and a few lucky salmon a little happier. Salmon oil isn’t cheap. I think we could have gone out for sushi for the same price. With all the money they saved on my salmon oil, my folks bought a new truck for me. Somehow I am supposed to ride in it without shedding one single hair. I am trying my best, but my coat is a little dryer without that expensive salmon oil.

This month I met Rama. Rama has experienced some hard luck, but she has come to Tahoe hoping things turn around. Rama’s story is similar to one you would see on MTV’s “16 and Pregnant.” Rama was at a shelter in Stockton and had just given birth to two puppies. Stockton is a community that has been hit hard by the recent downturn and did not have room for three more dogs in the shelter. Is there anything sadder than a single mother on death row?

Fortunately for Rama, many of the local animal agencies try to help each other out and someone reached out to the Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe. Since her arrival in Tahoe, Rama’s puppies have both been adopted and Rama has been spayed. Rama seems to have navigated motherhood, being a teenager, and moving to a new town pretty well, and she didn’t even get the benefit of Dr. Drew’s sage parenting advice.


The final piece of the puzzle will be finding a home for this sweet girl. Rama is about 2 years old, a teenager in dog years. We have no idea what mix of breeds she is, but it doesn’t matter. She is an adorable, petit lady weighing only about 40 pounds. She’s a little skittish but she has been through a lot in the past few weeks. Rama is happy to lie on the couch and get affection. She seems like she would be fine in a house with cats and/or kids.

Rama and I went for a nice walk to my favorite spot on the Truckee River. She’s still moving a little slow from her spay surgery, but it was a beautiful day and Rama seemed content with enjoying the breeze and drinking from the cool river. We saw a few dogs and some folks, but Rama showed little interest. She does love attention, and I think she just wants to get settled so she can blossom. Rama is a fast learner who will make a great companion. If you are looking for a friend (and I’m not talking about Facebook) whose status is loyal and loving forever, check out Rama.

In other shelter news, we have a pregnant purebred Doberman who will soon be available for adoption. If Dobermans are your thing, here is your chance to help out an animal in need and save yourself some money. HSTT’s adoption fees are much lower than what you would pay a breeder. There will also be cute puppies on the way, but we don’t know who the baby daddy is, so it will probably be some kind of Doberman mutt. Mutts are my favorite, but I do have a soft spot for Dobermans. We are big “Magnum P.I.” fans at my house, and I think Zeus and Apollo, the resident Dobermans on the show, should have at least gotten an Emmy nomination for best supporting actors.

Tonka, our pit bull friend from last month, has been adopted, along with Matt the cat. HSTT has many more dogs and cats available, so if you are looking for a new friend, visit hstt.org or the shelter. I also can’t forget to mention that HSTT and the Town of Truckee are breaking ground this month on a new animal shelter. They are still looking for some heroes to help complete the funding of the project. For more info on the Heroes Now and Forever Campaign, or if you would like to become a hero by adopting one of my homeless friends, visit hstt.org. Have a great month.

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