Shaman’s Path
By Tanya Fuller

At times, our paths in life will be unclear or rocky, leaving us feeling scattered or lost. This energy sends ripples of unease into all areas of our lives. In these moments, it is important to notice what aspects of past selves have stepped in and what patterns of survival are being activated.

These old versions approach situations as they did in the past. They are essentially stuck in time with the tools and perspectives of the specific age when we first encountered a perception of danger. The ego is hypersensitive to any sense of danger to the self, and it does everything in its power to induce suspicion, fear, and powerlessness. It easily does this through our self-talk, which is then filtered through the body as feeling. 


An energy session is a powerful way to clear old belief systems and see how past experiences energetically influence current relationships with the self, family, friends, work, and health. By working with the energetics behind our thoughts, we can shift our consciousness and become aware of what is influencing our choices, actions, and paths. 

Our physical bodies are the vessels that receive and store information such as unprocessed emotions and memories. Tuning in to the body and connecting with self-awareness are valuable tools for creating a space for calm and observation in the face of uncertainty, transition, or loss. Developing an awareness of the energetic system helps us to move from the mind space where thought looping occurs and into the heart space. 

The heart holds the qualities of communication, compassion, and gratitude. In order to access these inner wisdoms, we must honor our life experiences while releasing the charge around painful events that are negatively influencing life choices. When we take a look at what information is energetically being held in the body, we gain insight into what patterns of worry and fear are activated. When we are in fear, we are stagnant, and when we trust ourselves and move through the fear, we experience incredible expansion. 

Accessing our inner wisdom means stepping beyond the confines of fear and trusting in the unknown. As we transmute the energy, we elevate our vibrations to expand our bandwidths of perspective, safety, and self-love. Cultivating a deep connection with the infinite self creates a strong foundation for soul growth. As a result, we emit a higher vibrational frequency for new neural pathways to communicate with the body. Immersing oneself in this lightness instantly shifts personal magnetics and attracts more clarity and joy into our lives.  

One of the first steps in tuning into the energetics of the mind and body is to consciously keep the space around us very light. In the shamanic perspective we do this so that heavy, triggering energies around us do not enter our energetic field as easily. Those energies are our own thoughts, actions, how we treat ourselves or other people, and our interaction with others. In shamanism, we attribute energy as heavy or light rather than bad or good because the effect of the energies is based on our personal perceptions of how we feel in the moment. 

When we are present in our bodies, our self-awareness is amplified. We can activate the stillness needed to be able to pause and discern, respond rather than react. Energy mapping sessions are heart opening opportunities to redefine boundaries and get clear on who we are in this present moment and how we best show up in the world.

Try this: Find a quiet spot to sit or lie down. Close your eyes and take three long deep exhales out of the mouth. Breath with ease. In this space, give yourself permission to pause from your day and thoughts. Now lengthen your inhales and your exhales and find a rhythm of breath that feels peaceful and soothing. Notice the quality of your breath as it moves in and out of the nose — the temperature, the sound, the sensation. Become aware of how your belly moves up and down with your breath. Gently place your hands on your belly to invite the soothing movement into your arms and shoulders. As you move deeper into this feeling, notice how your legs soften and relax. Now tune into your entire body and observe how it softens and relaxes. Receive the inner stillness and quiet. Let it soak into your muscles, your bones and your cells. Just breathe, be aware of your body, and be in this moment. 

~Tanya Fuller is a shaman, Reiki master, and owner of Three Feathers Holistic Energy Healing and Wellness in Truckee. Learn more about Tanya at    

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