We’ve all heard of it, but what is feng shui, really?

Feng shui is “a physical thing you’re doing to make connections…. by adjusting your physical space,” explains Greta Foster of Feng Shui Tahoe, a consulting service. “This is all about cultivating life force and eliminating things that would create an imbalance of energy flow by …looking at your home as a connection to yourself.”

Foster calls the concept “science and design,” explaining that feng shui is an energetic branch of Chinese medicine in the same vein as tai chi or yoga. The basis of the practice is total wellness in one’s life; perfecting the environment of the home can greatly benefit that wellness, she says.


Feng shui for the home is based around the bagua map, a collection of nine elements arranged in a square that represent parts of life. When people arrange their homes to be more consistent with this flow, it can also assist in helping them meet goals.

Here are some of Greta Foster’s tips for creating good energy in the home:

Have a clear, unobstructed path to your front door. This helps to collect life energy. Everything starts at the front door. 

Clear clutter and catch-all shelves to clarify the space. One way to do this is by keeping in accord with the times you’re in: If you read a book and it had an impact on you 10 years ago, it might not be serving you today in the way that a fresh book would. Select all belongings intentionally and in connection with a goal.

Put more significance and consciousness in how you place your objects so that they remind you subconsciously of what you’re trying to achieve in life, such as cultivating life force or staying in a constant state of growth. Our visual landscape informs our subconscious. This is a way to give your consciousness the message you want to receive.

Be aware of technology, which can sometimes help and sometimes harm a space. Keep the device’s purpose in mind. Also be aware of where you charge your phone or computer and how it can affect your rest. How you rest is just as important as how you are in the waking life.

Go green, it is great feng shui. Overall wellness comes from conscious eating and conservation, and from being aware of the way you treat yourself in all aspects of life. 

Info: gretafosterfengshui@gmail.com


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