By Tanya Fuller

Earth speaks to us through her landscape, weather, and tides. She is influenced by Grandmother Moon, Father Sun, and all her Sister Planets. Similarly, we are heavily influenced by where we choose to put our feet on the ground, the imaginative mental movies we consciously and subconsciously create in our minds, and the ebb and flow of our emotions.

One of the many wisdoms of the Earth is the perfection of her location within the supportive environment of the solar system. Her position among the other planets keeps her in a rhythm of growth, flow, and balance.

The landscape of our environment communicates with our mindscape, effects how energy flows in our body, and where we authentically show up in our lives. When we consciously learn how to cultivate our ideal environment, we subconsciously begin to attract positive behavior and change. Our environment is the most adaptable and easiest to work with because it is the most accessible. We are immersed in the nature of be-ing and so each step we take leads us down a path of our choosing.


The first step in creating positive momentum in your life is to focus on your surrounding environment. Notice where you feel resistance, discomfort, or unease. Begin to recognize what is triggering you in that environment. Is it something in your physical space? Do you find yourself once again in a recurring situation having the same old feelings? Are you in a position that feels unsafe or unstable?

Simply by pausing and becoming present with yourself, you have an opportunity to track what energy is working for you and what needs shifting. This is where you get to choose what you want to connect with and where you want to widen your vision. Create consistent moments in your life for personal truth check-ins. Take a look at where you are physically sharing your energy, what story or pattern is being played out, or who has energetic access to you.

Now get clear on your personal goals. The better you get at homing in on how you want to feel, the easier it is to embrace the infinite life force energy which is always available to support you in achieving your goals.

Choosing an authentic and mindful alignment of your environment with what you truly desire is a powerful way to create positive change in your life. When you cultivate a supportive environment, your goals are that much easier to achieve because your energetic ecosystem is in harmony. 

~Tanya Fuller is a shaman, Reiki master, and owner of Three Feathers Holistic Energy Healing and Wellness in Truckee. Find her at 


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