By CAMILLE BEAUMONT  |  Moonshine Ink

Alright Lake Tahoe folks, get ready for something new. We all know there’ve been movies based in our beautiful region before, but for the first time, Lake Tahoe is getting her own show!

Mountain Town is a new digital series all about life in the Big Blue Basin. The comedic ‘mockumentary’ series aims to celebrate (and gently poke fun at) all the amazing and ridiculous aspects of life in our high-elevation paradise. Gorgeous shots of the lake? Check. Local pride? Check. Amazing athletes, wacky locals, and dogs that think they’re people? Check, check, check!


In the series, we meet three mountain women striving to fulfill their potential and live their best lives. There’s Skye, a trust fund hippie who accidentally does more harm than good in her attempts to save the world. Then there’s Eagle, an enthusiastic (and slightly awkward) athlete usually found doing something extreme. Last but certainly not least is Richelle, a rich Incline Village housewife learning what mountain life is really like.

On behalf of Moonshine Ink, I caught up with the show’s (fictional) main characters; three very different Tahoe women, all alike in their life motto, not giving a flying fish about much.

How long have you lived in Lake Tahoe?

EAGLE: Only my whole life! Since I was just a liiiiiiittle grommiegrom shredding around. Tahoe is the best place on Earth. Where else can you find so much epic radness all in one place?

What drew you to the Basin?

SKYE: The first time I saw the Lake of the Sky she was crystal blue and sparkling. She took my breath away, and I’m an expert at breathing, so that’s saying something. That night I fell asleep thinking about her. What was she up to? Was she thinking about me? Would I ever know all her secrets? I had to come back and find out.

How do you like it here so far?

RICHELLE: Well, I haven’t been here long, but let’s just say that so far, I like Tahoe about as much as I like day-old caviar. Not. Very. Much. I only moved up here because my husband insisted that his seventh home be a lake house. I’m really an Orange County girl at heart. The SoCal lifestyle is so much more sophisticated than mountain life. That’s not rude, just a fact. For example, I haven’t seen a single woman in heels since I moved here. I know, weird, right?

What’s the biggest challenge you think Tahoe is facing?

SKYE: Oh my gosh, the trash here is such a problem! It’s like, come on people, pick it up. It’s not rocket surgery.

Have you ever been in a documentary before?

RICHELLE: My next-door neighbor in the OC was a Real Housewife and I’ve thrown plenty of drinks in that b****’s face, so yes, you could say I’m an expert at this.

What do you do for fun around here?

EAGLE: Oh, man, SO many things. We’ve got every kind of -iking and -oarding and -iing here. There’s more stuff to do than a person can even think of!

Are you excited for winter?

RICHELLE: Well … I’ve never lived somewhere that gets below 65 degrees, so we’ll see how this whole “snow” thing goes. But I once shopped for 22 hours straight, so I think I can handle anything.

If you get snowed in, how will you pass the time?

SKYE: Doing my yoga, naturally. I do everything naturally. I haven’t actually “studied” yoga; I think it’s something you just have to feel inside, you know? So, it’s important to not learn too much about it. Namastay.

Last question: What’s your favorite local spot?

EAGLE: Awwww man, okay, I probably shouldn’t tell you this but my number one ABSOLUTE FAVORITE spot in ALL of Tahoe is — Whoa, whoa, you really think we can print that? You really want a bunch of tourists on e-bikes swarming your favorite spot?

EAGLE: Good call! Let’s keep it a local secret.

Episode 1 of Mountain Town will be filmed and released in summer 2019. Until then, follow the show on Instagram and Facebook @mountain_town_show for funny videos, stunning shots of Tahoe, and opportunities to get involved!

~ Camille Beaumont plays all three women in Mountain Town. She is a writer and digital communications specialist based in North Lake Tahoe, who spends most of her time loitering in coffee shops and trying to make people laugh.


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