Januburied, Febuburied, I’m just buried. When the snow gets bad at our house we don’t even want to walk down the stairs to do our business. We have to be strongly encouraged. You mean, it’s not socially acceptable to just poop on the deck? It’s cold out there and if there isn’t snow falling from the sky it’s falling off the roof, it’s dropping from the trees. Icicles like medieval swords crash from the edge of the house. It’s dangerous. I want to get back to lying in front of the fire.

The snow piled up so high at our house that my folks had to make a path just so we could do a lap around the house. While we have experienced a nice break in the weather, the drifts are still huge. My friends have been walked on leashes in parking lots for lack of a better alternative, and left at home while their people spend hours in traffic trying to get to Squaw. We are getting a little cabin fever around here. Us pups need some cardio and you need some cardio that doesn’t involve a snow shovel. If cardio is not your thing, how about a nice walk? Here are some of my favorites for when the snow is as high as an elephant’s eye:

One of my favorite places to meet cool dogs and watch the planes take off and land is Martis Valley. Follow 267 going south from Truckee about .75 miles past the light at the airport and turn left. There are a few parking spots, and doggie bags are provided. Past the gate there is a plowed road where you can take in views of Martis Valley and the surrounding peaks.


About 1.5 miles outside of Truckee on 89 north on the right hand side is the road to Prosser Creek Campground. There are a few places to park and behind a gate is a road that allows for a few miles of walking, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. The road isn’t plowed but the snow is packed down. Walking conditions vary depending on the snow, but it’s reliable for skiing and snowshoeing. We enjoy frolicking in the fresh powder just off the road. There is plenty to explore near Prosser Reservoir with fantastic views of Mt. Rose on our hike. This one is “BYOPB” — bring your own poop bag.

The Town of Truckee gets big time props for keeping the Truckee River Legacy Trail system plowed throughout this crazy winter. They do everything but pick up your poop for you. Like at all the Legacy Trail access points we mention here, there is decent parking and doggie bags. I never spend enough quality time in Glenshire. Just before you reach the subdivision, on your right hand side is a trail access point. If you haven’t been to this section of the Legacy Trail you are missing out. Great views, cool bridges, the Truckee River.

At the end of East River Street is another great Legacy Trail access. Expect to be seeing someone you know. I always seem to be sniffing out old friends on this section. I like walking over the bridge and heading toward Glenshire. Truckee River Regional Park has plenty of parking and access to the trail as well.

Please remember to pick up the poop, everyone! Tie a couple of bags on your leash for backup. Hope to see you on the trail soon.

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