By Tanya Fuller

Did you know our subconscious mind never sleeps? The subconscious is where we hold our memories, emotions, and creative intelligence. It is always co-creating with us through our perceptions and thoughts and has a big influence on how our physical body feels and how we feel in general.

When we sleep, our conscious mind shuts down for a reboot. Our inner chatterbox rests during this time as well, after long hours of facilitating between our conscious perceptions and subconscious memory files. These files serve as reference points for our waking responses throughout the day.

When the chatterbox, also known as the ego, is at rest, there is an opportunity for profound transformation because the mind is quieter and therefore more open to receiving positive suggestions. This is where preparing our consciousness for sleep becomes an invaluable tool to help us shift how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. 


We can mindfully set the tone for how we want to feel physically, emotionally, and mentally before falling asleep. By doing so, we activate energetic receptors in our subconscious mind which hold our positive intentions at a very powerful frequency. This vibration sends out a signal or ripple effect throughout our body and into our lives resulting in more clarity, balance, and self-care.

Preparing for sleep in a focused manner allows us to set ourselves up for success by tuning into the healthy vibration of rest, relaxation, and restoration. When we experience these three elements, our nervous system responds in a way that is healing for our physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

Take care of your physical sleeping area because your bedroom is a sacred space where you naturally unwind on a daily basis. Clear out anything under your bed and remove any items from your room that don’t feel right or serve a purpose. Stagnant energy can collect like dust so cleaning up your room provides a calm and clear space to harmonize your energy while you sleep.

When it is time for you to go to bed, take some time to tune into your energy field. Close your eyes, scan through the events of your day, and notice where there are pockets of tension. Feel your physical body respond to these thoughts and exhale slowly and deeply out of your mouth to release the charge. Continue doing this until you feel your energy clear.

Now scan your day again, this time noticing the places of lightness — where you had a good laugh, felt accomplished, satisfied, grateful, loved. Notice how you feel when you tune into these aspects of your day. Flood your body with all of these good feelings by inhaling deeply and allowing the lightness to spread throughout your body.

One of the most effective times to recalibrate to a higher vibrational frequency is right before sleep. When we prepare our consciousness beforehand, we can utilize the potent dream state to make positive and lasting changes in our lives.  

~Tanya Fuller is a shaman, Reiki master, and owner of Three Feathers Holistic Energy Healing and Wellness in Truckee. Learn more about Tanya at


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