Aaron Noble can often be found up early mornings or late nights in his North Lake apartment sitting beside a giant lakeview window with flourishing plants and giant crystals, drawing digital lines that weave together to become something much bigger. 

Behind deeply thoughtful hazel eyes is a man of soft words and gentle nature, with a calming presence that speaks to his life’s pursuit: exploring the deeper rhyme and reason connecting us with our source and why we’re alive, and sharing that with others.

For over 20 years he’s pursued healing modalities, finally finding sacred geometry, which is the concept of repeated mathematical patterns that can be found in all parts of our nature. These shapes occur at their very simplest form by drawing concentric circles with a simple pencil and compass, and yet can be layered to form shapes that represent the atomic structure of every element in the periodic table of elements. 


Noble remembers in his late teens asking questions about society and how to heal dissonance and unhappiness in the world. He wanted to first understand the core of existence, then figure out in which aspect of the solution he could take part. 

PRESSURIZED: In the creation of metal prints, special dyes are infused into the thick translucent coating of the metal under high heat and pressure.

He studied the workings of the human body, read religious and spiritual texts and philosophy books, and looked to healing modalities for a solution: herbology, massage, yoga, meditation, sound healing, and more.

Sound healing was his first foray into a modality that could impact us on multiple deep levels of existence. For example, every sound is a vibration that can impact the human body and brain function in many ways, but metaphorically it meant even more than that.

“Once you start thinking about bandwidths of frequency and the speed of those bandwidths, then you see our existence on multiple levels of bandwidths,” he said.

Then, at a yoga retreat in Guatemala in 2010, he discovered sacred geometry through a workshop. In the ancient mountains of San Marcos with a compass in hand he was hooked. He learned how patterns occurred in nature, the human body, and had a deep meaning and reason to them much like his experiences with sound.

“When you realize that there is some sort of pattern and hidden structure to the universe, then you realize there is a way [the world works],” he says. 

Returning to his Northern California home, he wanted to figure out a way to make the patterns more precise and to explore with creating his own, so he took courses in design, purchased advanced computer programs, and began creating. 

“I was doing it by hand and really unsatisfied with it not being absolutely perfect. To me the only way to go was digital,” he recalls. “I had an idea for a design that I knew would work but I didn’t know what it would look like. I had no YouTube video telling me how to do this. It wasn’t perfect — it was years before I actually pulled it off.” 

Three years and hundreds of pieces in at this point, he says he was just “hanging out with the universe” and learning personal lessons of growth and reason around the design of existence. But in 2015 when some friends and family saw his work, they encouraged him to begin making prints. 

He reasoned that if people got even a glimpse of the lessons within the work the same way he had, maybe they could also learn a small part of what Noble had been learning: We really are all connected by common threads that unite us.

Sacred Geometry is found in many areas of existence, including the human body, nature, and the periodic table of elements, and is explored here through Aaron Noble’s metal prints of digital designs.

“We’re constantly distracted by this internal dialogue and overstimulation [and] we are not connected to our larger organism, solar system, universe, and acting from the place that we should be,” he reasons. “The symmetry and the patterns to me induce a state of mind which provides clarity, serenity, peace … it just pulls you out of your head and into your breath and then whatever that internal dialogue is that was going on just stops.”

In 2017, some friends in the event production scene caught on to his work and asked him to create a DJ booth for the Gem & Jam Festival in Tucson, Arizona. He made metal prints that he sold there too, and later began sharing his digital work with VJs (a video specialist who creates visuals to accompany live music) who turned his intricate patterns into complex, shifting, moving shapes. It was the perfect blending of his love of sound healing and frequency mixed with his love for sacred geometry. 

“When visual stimulation affects you emotionally, mentally, spiritually in the same way that music can, then they go hand in hand in that regard,” he said. “The fact that I could create one thing and have it affect people positively on multiple levels of their consciousness definitely has a bigger impact.”

CREATIONISM: Sacred geometry has been used to uplift sacred spaces since the dawn of creation, explains Noble’s website. These patterns are within every flower, fruit, tree, and seed.

To date, his 16-by-4-foot DJ table has been played on by big name DJs such as Gramatik, Shpongle, Lapa from Emancipator, Bass Physics, Govinda, and more. Noble shows and sells prints at local events and venues such as North Tahoe Art Center in Kings Beach and the bi-annual Made in Tahoe festival at Palisades Tahoe (the next one is May 27 to 28).

He says the next goal in his journey as a conduit for this sacred work is to perfect his own ability to create animations from the designs, and then to tackle a bigger goal to begin creating his own music to accompany it. 

Learn more at aaronmichaelnoble.com.  


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