While the board members of the Tahoe City Downtown Association were in a meeting six years ago, Cupid flew high above them and aimed his arrows directly at President Brendan Madigan and Vice President Christin Hanna, striking them both. A year of friendship paved the way for dating, engagement, and marriage between the owners of two local businesses both focused on the community.

Madigan, owner of Alpenglow Sports, and Hanna, artistic director of Lake Tahoe Dance Collective and Tahoe Youth Ballet, separately joined the TCDA board in 2009 with hopes of bringing in new blood and taking the board in a fresh direction. Over the following year, the intention of Cupid’s arrow started forming — Hanna found excuses to volunteer with Madigan, and Madigan started getting up unusually early just to see Hanna at events.

That summer, Madigan and Hanna had their first date at Wolfdale’s in Tahoe City. Hanna left the next day for the East Coast to teach a dance program, and their relationship started developing via Skype, phone calls, and emails.


“It was a modern technology love story,” said Hanna.

Hanna came back after six weeks and the relationship continued blossoming. Over the next three years their relationship progressed, and on Sept. 7, 2012 Madigan took Hanna on an excursion to a Point Reyes beach for her birthday.

“I got down on bended-knee and luckily she said yes,” Madigan said.

A year later and Cupid’s work was finally done when Madigan and Hanna tied the knot at a friend’s house on the West Shore. While the rest of the West Shore was pelted with hail, the wedding spot somehow experienced perfect weather without a storm cloud overhead.

Madigan and Hanna have both owned businesses that give back to the community for years. Now many people consider them a power couple that brings out the best in each other. No longer on the TCDA board, the couple still shares a vision about what the community needs, and is dedicated to meeting those needs.

“The kind of businesses we have allows us to do good,” said Hanna. “For me, it’s the arts, and for him, it’s the outdoors.”

According to Madigan, they both channel their personal ethos into their respective businesses. Tahoe City is at a turning point and both of their businesses rely on personal connections that they believe are powerful and vital to developing and sustaining relationships in a small town.

Coming from two different worlds, they enjoy the change of pace when supporting each other. They tend not to get involved in each other’s business decisions, but Hanna explains it’s great to bounce ideas off of someone who you really trust and admire.

“Behind every good man is a better woman — definitely is in my case,” said Madigan.


  • Karin Carrasco

    Karin Carrasco, Moonshine Ink’s office administrator, has lived in Truckee since 2003 after moving here from New Jersey. Carrasco studied speech communications and journalism at University of Nevada, Reno. Carrasco spends her free time enjoying her passion for dance at InnerRhythms and she also volunteers with the Truckee Donner Historical Society as well as Trails & Vistas.

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