Flip’s Friends

Sawyer is a one-year-old Yellow Labrador mix, who even at his young age, has been on some adventures. Sawyer ate through a fence at his previous home in a record 10 minutes. I think he just needed some more fiber in his diet. He then disappeared and was rumored to be living in the wild with a bear somewhere in Old Greenwood. No word on whether they were members of the golf club. It took five hours to finally catch Sawyer after he was located.

Sawyer could use a little self confidence. He walks with his tail between his legs and is scared of loud noises and most other dogs. The great thing about our Humane Society is that they will do all they can to work with Sawyer so he can be adopted to a good home. He’s not aggressive, just a little clueless. In other larger towns, a dog like Sawyer probably wouldn’t make it.

We took Sawyer for a nice walk along the Truckee River and he took a liking to my friend Oso. He became more confident in the short amount of time we got to spend together. Stop by the shelter this month and visit Sawyer and his many handsome friends.

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Flip Speckleman

RIP 1999 – 2011

Flip Speckleman was one of Moonshine Ink's original columnists, writing his beloved column "Flip's Friends" for almost a decade. His wry sense of humor, eloquent style, love of shelter animals, and appreciation for Tahoe living touched readers over the years, with many citing Flip's Friends as their favorite part of Moonshine.

A sample of his writing:

“I’m getting cranky in my old age. Ok, I’m getting crankier in my old age. A few random neighborhood dogs have been wandering by my house lately. My immediate response is to bark, ‘Get off my lawn,’ and then mutter something unintelligible under my breath about kids today. Excitable young dogs jump up enthusiastically when we greet on a walk. My response is to not even make eye contact. If they persist I show my teeth and growl. I don’t know what it is with young pups today. I blame social media. The cats are texting. The dogs are tweeting. I look like a caveman showing up with my notebook, pencil, and press pass. I think it’s time Moonshine Ink bought me a laptop.”  

~ “Bruno: Short, Brown, and Handsome,” published in Moonshine Ink, Dec. 10, 2010