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Wall Of White Retells Tragic and Heroic Moments of...


In her book 'Wall of White,' published last month by Atria, a division of Simon and Schuster, Woodlief writes lucidly about how the mountain unzipped that day.

Eyes to a Hidden World


By the end of the first day Eve had spotted 34 birds, 20 of which she had never seen before.

A Better Idea


The south bank of the Truckee River is not part of the transportation corridor. It has only spotty development. Large swaths are open and have spectacular views to the Carson and Sierra Nevada ranges. Open for hiking, angling, bird watching (especially raptors), trail running and even just walking the dog. So, let's choose not to pave it! Let's not put a paved trail on the south side of the Truckee River.

Trails and Vistas


Listen to the 'Songs of the Earth'

A Spiritual Place to Find Spiritual Space


We, at Moonshine Ink, are interested in exploring the idea that our area is a spiritual place and that people may gravitate to The Lake of the Sky to connect with Something, or that Something may call to them once they are here. This month’s Java Jabber is the official launching of a new column, called 'A Spiritual Place,' where we delve into these issues.

Genuine Valentines


Though Theresa and I can’t predict who will be still together after 15 years, we now realize that each of these couples has a ‘distinctive fist.’ That is what we hope to have captured.

Bit by Bit


We posed the question, 'Why Is It So Flippin’ Hard to Live in Tahoe-Truckee… And what are you doing about it?' Here's the enlightening response from Regina Curry, the Second Place winner...

'When I first read the headline for the writers contest, it made me grin. It was as if someone had finally addressed the elephant sitting in the middle of the room...'



Tahoe Winter Annual

Dearly Departed Restaurants


Where have all the restaurants gone…from Tahoe City