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Mountain Life

Life in our local mountain towns. 

Holiday Events 2013


Calendar of Christmas events happening in the area.

Driving Children Into the Future


The Truckee Tahoe Transportation Department must get 2,927 students to school safely. The department has intensive training for the drivers and safety precautions to keep the students safe.

It’s Complicated


Elenore Hamilton asked local women and girls: What was/is the hardest thing about being 15?

Winter Wonders of the Land


Anti-freeze blood and other ways animals survive winter

Paranormal Therapy


Shining light on things that haunt us

Fair Trade Coffee Break


When I wake up, my primary focus is getting caffeine into my bloodstream.

Mountain Life Announcements (Dec 11 – Jan 15)


What's going on in your mountain town

Move over Soccer Moms, EcoMoms Will Change the World


How mothers can become everyday advocates for the environment

What You Never Talk About With Strangers


Walking up to strangers to ask them about their political views can be downright terrifying, but that’s exactly what I did for this installment of Java Jabber. I braced myself with several shots of espresso, and asked 31 people in seven different North Lake Tahoe area cafes, 'How do you feel about the upcoming Presidential Election?'