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Knocked Up


Olive the dog tells you what adorable animal is up for adoption at the Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe.

Not Gonna Do It That Way, Are Ya?

Learn why it’s not a horrible mistake to teach your significant other a new sport.

Cold as Ice


To combat those slippery surfaces in winter, choose the right ice melt for use around your home.

The Elusive Bobcat


The author goes in hunt of the elusive bobcat.

The Life and Times of Longboard Ski Racing


This passion/legend/sport has a lifespan directly proportional to the length of the skis – that is, it seems to go on forever. Longboarding first became popular at the peak of the 1850s gold rush when local mining communities with names indicative to the lifestyle lead at the times (Poker Flat, Whiskey Diggings, and Porte Wine to name a few) were looking for an activity to help them while away the long Sierra winters. They say necessity is the mother of all invention and so, with few women in sight, a new activity was born: downhill ski racing.

Snow Angels


McFee and Foster are snow angels themselves, with a timely message delivered in the form of a hot-off-the-presses book entitled, 'Spiritual Adventures in the Snow: Skiing and Snowboarding as Renewal for Your Soul.'

Truckee Home & Building Show


$6 admission benefits local schools. For more info, contact Pam Neff, info@truckeehomeshow.com, (530) 587-3477, truckeehomeshow.com

Breaking the Stereotype: Bruce the Adventure Cat


Not all cats fall into the “adventure cat” grouping, but some legends say Bruce pioneered this category.

My Girlfriend Mabel


Mabel was rescued from the Thai dog meat trade. She is a Basenji, a dog known for its yodeling howl. I may be a dog, but I am a smitten kitten.

Tuff Beanz


When the going gets tough, the Tuff make coffee.