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Getting to Know Alvin, Simon, and Theodore

Why do we often think of Alvin and the Chipmunks when we think of chipmunks? Movie stars trump nature? As much as celebrities take over the limelight, there’s much to learn about the real striped speedy mammal.

One Fir, Two Fir, Red Fir, White Fir


Learn to tell the difference between the white and red fir.

Gateway to the Future

Gateway Mountain Center gives at-risk youths a place to belong, access to valuable resources.

Raise. Rehabilitate. Release.

Our friends at Word After Word shared some of their favorite books to help plan adventures in the Tahoe outdoors.

Which Tree Is Which?


The Jeffrey and ponderosa pine trees may look alike, but there are subtle differences.

Camouflaged in Winter White


The Tahoe area has four animals that turn white in winter - a jackrabbit, hare, weasel, and bird.

HSTT meeting the COVID challenge, but needs your help

The pandemic has thrown new challenges at HSTT, but the nonprofit keeps charging.

Potatoes — Filling or Fattening?


We all know the potato is filling, but is it fattening, too?

Tahoe Tavern


Tahoe's former grand hotel was a playground for local children, and potentially a model for future development.

From Service to Slopes

Spearheaded by Truckee-based nonprofit High Fives, Military to the Mountains is one of a growing number of ways to help wounded veterans get outdoors, which benefits their overall well-being.


Withering on the Vine

Killing It

Setting the Record Straight

When Demand Exceeds Supply