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Our Mountain Life section is a place for discussion about what’s happening in the lives of the people in the area including stories about relevant community projects, policies and changes affecting life here, and what it’s like to live, work, and play in Tahoe/Truckee. Current rotating columns include Feel Good, Kids Connect, Nature’s Corner, Wandering Natives, and Quick Trips.

Cadavers, Cousteau and Lake Tahoe


Rumours of Jacques Cousteau's ties to Tahoe

Give Unto Others

Karma comes full circle for Alpenglow Sports as community rallies to keep beloved shop on stable ground during pandemic.

The Cunning Coyote

There is something about the coyote’s call, something that calms my fear of having too much civilization and not enough wild.

Beacon of Hope

When a customer told Jaclyn Woznicki she was disappointed after coming to Trunk Show to shop the day before only to find the store closed, the owner flashed her mile-wide smile and graciously apologized...

The Sky’s the Limit

ALL IN THE FAMILY: Tahoe seems to be a breeding ground for Olympic athletes. Siblings Mack and Abby Winterberger are among the latest crop of rock star youth athletes with their eyes on the Olympic prize.

Cohabitating, Lichen Style

Lichen can’t be discussed without talking about cohabitation — two partners living in one space. In this case, it’s on the surface of rocks and trees, and the two partners are fungi and microscopic...

Fun Facts About Tahoe’s Flora and Fauna | Winter 2018-19

While nature is perhaps most easily enjoyed and appreciated during the summer, Tahoe’s winter ecology is equally intriguing.

Gina Coronel:


A Local Success Story

Happy Halloween! | 2014


It must be Halloween, the leaves are changing and pine needles are falling. Here's a list of events in the area.

Getting Crafty

Tapping craft kegs and stocking craft cans in a relatively remote and rugged region isn’t simply a matter of shipping and receiving. The Craft Beer Fairy doesn’t drive up and down Interstate 80 all week long dropping off beer. Learn how local retailers take on the challenge of providing craft beer to a thirsty audience.