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Life in our local mountain towns. 

Socially Challenged

In the latest installment of Kids’ Perspective, Moonshine’s summer intern, 15-year-old Lola Hadley, shares how social media is managing to influence her life even though she doesn’t use it.

Pressures for Californian College-Bound Students

High school seniors feel pressure to get into UCs and CSUs, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to gain acceptance. So what are kids to do?

A Teen’s Guide to a Tahoe Summer

The best places around Lake Tahoe for teens to have a good time in the summer.

A Teen’s Perspective On The World

The humanities and knowledge of history are critical keys to achieving world peace, contends Tahoe teen Kaya Siig.

Truckee High’s Own Renaissance Man

Becoming a high school chemistry teacher was never part of Ian Kuhn’s plan. But along came Covid, and the Pennsylvania native found himself on a whole new lifepath.

70 Days to Exhaustion


My journey through Africa and the mind

I ♥ Lake Tahoe


The Lake Tahoe silhouette has soared in popularity in recent years, and now graces everything from stickers to T-shirts to bags. Why do we love the lake's image so much? Because it's so much more than just a lake.

One Fir, Two Fir, Red Fir, White Fir


Learn to tell the difference between the white and red fir.

Cadavers, Cousteau and Lake Tahoe


Rumours of Jacques Cousteau's ties to Tahoe

Give Unto Others

Karma comes full circle for Alpenglow Sports as community rallies to keep beloved shop on stable ground during pandemic.