June 18, 2020 Moonshine Minutes


June 18, 2020 Moonshine Minutes


It started with a tough choice for a local first grader: Look cool by joining in on teasing a biracial girl about her skin tone or stand up for a friend whose families visited each other often? It ended with a white family rethinking everything they thought they’d taught about tolerance, and a biracial family moving out of the region, feeling unsupported and alone. 

I’m Mayumi Elegado, Moonshine editor in chief, and today’s Moonshine Minutes will be a direct question and answer with Megan Seifert and Ambrose Tuscano, the parents who faced this situation with their son Griffin, then in first grade. 

Welcome to both of you.


(Questions are below, if you’d like to see a full transcript of Megan and Ambrose’s answers, let us know at editors@moonshineink.com.)

  1. To dive right in, let’s talk about the day you heard about the incident involving your son and some other kids at his school. Walk us through what happened.
  2. What was the school’s reaction once this was brought to their attention? 
  3. What do you feel that you and your family learned from this?

Thank you guys for sharing your incredibly personal and powerful experience. 

Find Megan and Ambrose’s full story here, including their recommendation for how local schools should move forward with and the history of systemic racism.



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