We Want to Cover More Stories In-Depth, But We Need Help to Get There


Our eagle-eyed readers will know this, but on each edition’s p. 6, we print our masthead — a rundown of staff and positions here at Moonshine Ink. Also included in the masthead is a monthly question for the staffers, and their answers are included with their name. I’m in charge of coming up with the question each month. It’s meant to be a fun little personality-style game; readers get to know the people of the Ink through bits and pieces.

September’s question was, “If you could create a clone of yourself, what would be the first assignment you’d give to your second self?” My answer: “Cover IVGID” (aka Incline Village General Improvement District).

At that point, I was fresh off a news story about a recall effort for two board trustees, and a divide that has festered for years in the community. My story published in August, but by September, I was still learning more pertinent information that could be applied to the advancing situation. I wanted to write another story, but simply didn’t have the time — I was already elbows-deep in a new story about dwindling fire insurance options in our region, my head spinning with all the information.


This happens often. I write a story, I get really into it, the story is published, and I’m onto the next one. I really could use a clone, or 12.

The Moonshine Ink crew is made up of few but mighty members who wear about 25 hats each. I’m the news reporter first and foremost, but I also function as an editor and graphic designer and perform other random office assistant-like duties.

Operating as the North Tahoe/Truckee’s only independent newspaper is no easy feat, and we are humbled and encouraged every time we interact with our readers. But we could, quite frankly, use more help.

Our Membership program provides us funding to keep the lights on and the printers churning each month, but there’s opportunity for expanding our work that is better than cloning current staffers: hiring more of us.

By bringing on additional staff, we can provide even more in-depth reporting, we can bring back our Tiny Porch concerts, we can produce audio stories, improve our website, attend more community events, start a bloody podcast for all we know. Bare minimum, if I want to keep covering IVGID (or, more recently, the situation evolving for decades out at Donner Lake), I don’t have to sacrifice the following month’s feature story.

I encourage our readers to contribute even a small amount each month to support this aim to expand. More Moonshiners means more stories brought to light — the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Please sign up to become a member today at moonshineink.com/members.

Supporting Moonshine doesn’t have to be monetary!

Below are items we could use to give our world headquarters on Riverside Drive a new shine.

  • Conference table and chairs
  • Desks (adjustable height)
  • Desk chairs
  • Floor workspace furniture
  • Fedoras with “press” cards in the band 😉


  • Alex Hoeft

    Alex Hoeft joined Moonshine staff in May 2019, happy to return to the world of journalism after a few years in community outreach. She has both her bachelor's and Master's in journalism, from Brigham Young University and University of Nevada, Reno, respectively. When she's not journalism-ing, she's wrangling her toddler or reading a book — or doing both at the same time.

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