By Art Grossman

I am proud to say that I am entering my third year as a Moonshine Ink sustainer.

I lived in Tahoe City from 1984 to 1993 before moving to Reno. I now get my Ink in the mail and I love diving into it. It took me less than 40 minutes to read the other Truckee local paper and just a little more time to read the old RNR. It takes me days to read the Ink. And, of course, this is due to the in-depth reporting and writing in each issue in articles and people that still interest me. It’s fun to read about old acquaintances and to see what they are still up to.

Reno has changed a lot since I moved here 30 years ago. When I first got here, there were no real “walking” streets. AND only one coffee shop! Now with a revitalized Midtown and California Avenue, you can feel that California and Tahoe influence. Arts and culture now play a big part in our town.

REMEMBERING OLD TIMES: Truck and skis at Prosser Reservoir in the late ’80s. The newspaper keeps member Art Grossman connected to these memories.

When I lived in Tahoe City, I was on the board of directors of the old North Tahoe Fine Arts Council along with Ed Miller and Lolly Kupec. NTFAC originated Shakespeare at Sand Harbor and Music at Sand Harbor where us locals brought our blankets and picnic baskets and had a wonderful time “on the dunes” for only $11 and $15 per person, respectively. We shared picnics with our many friends who attended. It was great fun. Some of you may remember that I ran the T-shirt booth (or as Ed would call me – “the rag merchant”) with my friends (including another Ink sustainer – Val Elder).

I did move here for a job way back when and I have grown to love Reno and our climate. However, I do miss my years on Old County Road and Moonshine helps me bring those memories back.

In closing, it’s interesting to note that the only two local papers owned by women are still with us while other attempts by large newspaper corporations failed.

Thank you, Moonshine Ink, and here’s to a long, long life.

~ Art Grossman lives in Reno, Nevada.


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