By Dinny Evans

Our current world seems committed to communication via screen time, texting, and online social media. The only way I have found I can stay connected to Truckee, the Tahoe area, and our beautiful community is by READING Moonshine Ink! In this periodical I find a commitment to solid communication and consistent truth telling. For this reason, I am honored to be able to make my commitment to Moonshine Ink with a financial contribution, and I will continue to do whatever is needed to be sure this publication stays viable.

I am unaware of any other resource that can possibly keep me in touch with what is happening and what is available to all of us who care about this area. Going to the various Nextdoor posts can be interesting but seem to have so much conflicting information. Moonshine Ink offers basic enlightening information about what is available and what is happening, and context for why. This is my grounding place to go when I really want to know the ins and outs of our community.

And on another note, Moonshine Ink has been my next-door neighbor on Riverside Drive and they have ALWAYS been respectful, polite neighbors, just as the folks are who live on the other side of my house. They always have shown that they are part of the neighborhood community not a “business.” All aspects of Moonshine Ink link them to the community.


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~ Dinny Evans moved to Truckee in 1987. She now lives part-time in Washoe Valley, but calls Truckee home.


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