We asked. You are answering.

Last month, we ran an open letter to the community titled Does Moonshine Ink Have a Future? Our call to save and support this newspaper moved many of you to take quick action and make contributions.

We publish here the names of our supporters — so far. Moonshine Ink members can be  justifiably proud of what you all have done to save this community paper. Thank you, it is encouraging and enheartening.


Here are some comments that have accompanied donations:

Moonshine is doing such great, independent stories that expose important issues no one else is willing to cover. Please keep up the great work!”

“A true asset to the Tahoe/Truckee community!”

“I learn so much from your journalism every month. I moved here a year ago and Moonshine Ink has been invaluable for me learning about my new community.”

In interesting timing, two national reports were released this past month highlighting the critical issue of losing local news across the country and the dire consequences: LOSING THE NEWS: The Decimation of Local Journalism and the Search for Solutions from PEN America and Putting a Price Tag on Local News from the Knight Foundation.

This paragraph comes from Knight Foundation’s account: “The financial strain resulting from changes to the business of making news — especially for the local newspaper industry — has left many communities with little or no local reporting. There is growing evidence of the harm caused by these growing ‘news deserts’: Fewer residents vote in elections, fewer people run for office, which means fewer choices for voters, and residents are less likely to say they are well-informed about the issues and candidates in local elections. Yet research has shown — and this study confirms — that the vast majority of Americans are unaware that many local news organizations are in financial peril.”

The danger is real, for our community and beyond. The Moonshine crew is extremely grateful for all the support shown thus far by readers, yet it’s going to take more of you to keep us going. Consider what local knowledge means to you, keep writing to us, and please spread the word about our Membership program. May we continue to stave off the dark with a little ’shine.

~ Mayumi Elegado/Moonshine Ink

Full list of Moonshine Members here.


  • Mayumi Peacock

    Mayumi Peacock was made in the Philippines, born in Minnesota, and has lived on both U.S. coasts, plus a few more shorelines overseas. From an early age, she was passionate about the written word and the power of storytelling. This interest fortuitously led to her current position as publisher/owner of Moonshine Ink. She has lived in Truckee/Tahoe since 1999, and is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and sustainable community.

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