It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, it’s an … Adorable Raccoon?!

Behind the curtain of selecting the Moonshine membership campaign mascot


Stoddy the raccoon is eager to help. He may be mischievous, but he’s resourceful and sharp as a tack — he’ll whoop your *ss at the Sudoku at the end of this paper (p. 50), and he doesn’t take no for an answer. He’s no trash panda!

This omnivorous creature of the night has signed on to be a Moonshine membership ambassador. Keep a lookout for him and a pantheon of friends in coming months, as they craft creative and convincing calls for superheroes. These intrepid woodland creatures are casting a call to the wide-open skies …

… for any and all devoted to Tahoe/Truckee


… for those who are never comfortable with the status quo

… for protectors of smart, independent journalism that holds power to account.

Become a member today. Resistance is futile.


Silliness and raccoon-based humor aside, there are infinite words in the English language, yet none can be arranged in a way to properly express the gratitude that Moonshine staff and contributors feel for you, our superhero Members. It’s a powerful force to be reckoned with, this new jointly local advertising- and reader-funded model, and we’re grateful to be on the adventure with you.


We asked Stoddy to come on board as an ambassador in large part due to his calm and collected nature. Ever scared a raccoon? Didn’t think so.


Hopefully someday soon we won’t all be wearing masks in crowded spaces, but no one’s mask is cooler than Stoddy’s!


available to Moonshine Members; currently includes this sweet decal, best displayed on bumpers, doors, windows, or … heck, Stoddy wears his proudly on his chest on a chain!


Stoddy won’t stop boasting about his “abs of steel.” In fact, raccoons are excellent climbers and stellar swimmers — mostly due to their stocky build and a low center of gravity that gives them balance and agility. Similarly, community papers provide core support for human society. With our members’ efforts, Moonshine remains a key part of our community’s own reliable “sturdy middle,” — region-wide abs of steel, if you will.


Our members aren’t just financial backers. Yes, the ongoing monthly or annual support they provide is a vital and increasing funding stream for our reporting, multimedia projects, and events. But we hear stories all the time of people who go above and beyond their generous gifts, becoming ambassadors by getting their friends and family to ’Shine too, with memberships, subscriptions, shout-outs, and shares across the social-verse.


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