12 Days of Moonshine Ink

Member family bestows an awesome gift this holiday season


Twelve days before Christmas an email hit my inbox that brightened the entire holiday season for me. My husband, Shannon, and his good friend Nick Kosla had drummed up an uplifting and charming idea, and Nick wrote me to tell me about it:

SUSTAINER FAMILY: The Koslas. Courtesy photo

Shannon and I had a great but too short chat a few weeks ago on a range of subject matters. We talked about Moonshine Ink and I said that I could name a zillion things I like about it, and we decided to do the “12 Days of Moonshine Ink.” In no particular order, and if I remember every day, which is unlikely, you will be receiving an email that has an item that is AWE-INSPIRING about Moonshine Ink.

Without further ado, here is Nick’s list — 12 Days of Moonshine:


12. The writing itself is amazing.

11. I even like the advertisements like a lot.

10. Editor’s Note isn’t always same editor. And your contributors are highlighted up front.

9. Parting Shot is the best.

8. The Shine On cartoons are AWESOME. And I mean it when I write AWESOME!

7. Subject matter has excellent variety, as do the visuals, with abundant pictures and other elements that float through the text.

6. The design and ample color is attention-grabbing and -keeping.

5. Astronomy/astrology corner.

4. The Have a Thought guy.

3. The regional and local news briefs.

2. The Mountain Bounty Farm Ad — it makes me happy for some reason … relaxing and soul warming.

1. The stories seem like the most unbiased of any publication out there with lots and lots of different voices.

Again, on behalf of the public, please know how much Moonshine Ink is appreciated in this world. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year … 2023 is going to kick ass!

Nick Kosla is the principal of Kosla Ventures, a land entitlement company serving Northern California, and lives in Orinda with his wife, Larissa, and two daughters. Truckee is their beloved second community. Fun fact: Suburbanites around Orinda take their car magnets and stickers seriously. Until recently a Moonshine sticker was the only one that remained on any of their cars. “We’re obviously big fans,” Larissa says.


  • Mayumi Peacock

    Hailing from a U.S. military family and a graduate of the University of Florida, Mayumi Peacock has lived in several corners of the country and globe, yet Tahoe/Truckee has been her home since 1999. She is founder and publisher of Moonshine Ink, the region’s award-winning independent newspaper, which continues to be created by, for, and of the community. Other passions include family, animals, books, healthy living, and humane food.

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