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Kids Connect

Kids Connect gets youth voices in Moonshine Ink. We want them to share their personal trials and/or triumphs, keeping in mind tie-ins to the community and encouraging journalistic aspects like research and interviews. The other goal is to share a parent/family perspective, relating to raising children, family life, family-friendly resources, and more.

Guitar Hero

Christian Nicely is only 14 but he already has his sights set on being the best guitar player in the world.

Bullying Is Not Cool

Don’t be a bully, and don’t be a bystander. Be an upstander; stand up for yourself and for other people.

Picture This

Ramsey Etchison has created Generation Book Truckee because he wants to make it possible for people to know about their community, so he takes people’s pictures, invites them to express themselves, and helps us recognize that everyone’s roots extend across the planet.

Playing Without Goalposts

Remembering to find the joy in life, our children are our teachers

Keeping it Fun — Adventures with Captain Nordic

Mark Nadell, who is known by his athletes as Captain Nordic, has been the Alder Creek Middle School Nordic coach for 15 years. Here Frances Hamilton asked him to share why he thinks his coaching style connects so well us with middle schoolers.

A Truckee Family’s Peruvian Adventure

The Pellegrinos moves from Truckee to Peru for eight months to spend more time together as a family.

Rethinking Philanthropy

Eleanore Hamilton spoke at the Second Annual Philanthropy Leaders Summit in Reno. Who did she meet and what did she learn?

Be Nice. Be Brave: Stop A Bully

A 10-year-old inspirational boy trys to stop bullies at his school.

Beating to His Own Drum

Eric Spillman, 11, has found his passion at a young age — drumming.

The Sun Rises for Everyone

Craig Rowe, an English teacher at Truckee High School, guides Latina students through the college application process.