In the Past

In the Past provides the rarely told stories of Tahoe/Truckee’s history. We avoid the classic Donner Party tales and other stories that everyone has heard a dozen times unless we are sharing a new, previously unheard-of angle on the topic. Stories can run a vast range of history, from pre-settlement to a decade ago.

The Rocking Stone and the Crystal Palace

Perhaps no piece of Truckee history spans such a wide range of the past as Truckee’s Rocking Stone — a curiously balanced boulder left...

The History of Boca Brewery

No history of Tahoe is perhaps more curious than that of Boca, a town of 2,500 near the modern-day Boca Dam that once boasted...

Dick Joseph and the beginnings of Tahoe Forest Hospital

Dick Joseph was just passing through on a train from Sacramento to Colorado in 1917 when he stepped out of the locomotive at its...

Jerry Garcia at Squaw Valley

In late August of 1991, thousands of Deadheads peacefully descended upon Squaw Valley to see the Jerry Garcia Band perform under sunny skies, in...

Horseless Gordy takes on Tevis


A Tevis Cup competitor ditches his steed and starts one of the nation's most famous ultra marathon races.

Images of America: Truckee

You’ve heard the stories of Truckee’s rugged past. You know about the Chinese railroad workers, Truckee’s ice palace, and the Paiute chief that Truckee...

Before the Banzai


As the Rahlves’ Banzai Tour makes its way through a tour of four Tahoe ski resorts, it is becoming part of a long tradition of local ski competitions that date back to the days of wooden skis.

The Host of Hotel de Chipmunk


Of the cast of colorful characters that have manned Martis Peak Lookout's "Hotel de Chipmunk," circus tumbler and cigar roller Frank "Waddles" Maher was king.

Ice, Ice Baby


Ice, not snow, has been the region’s recreation surface of choice during this snowless start to winter.