In the Past

Tahoe/Truckee’s history

Gamblin’ on the History of a Beach Town


It is rumored that Kings Beach was given its name in 1925 when card shark Joe King won the land after an all-night poker game.

The Squaw Valley Mining Bust


The Squaw Valley gold mining boom that never got off the ground

Dynamite, Snow Storms, and a Ticking Clock


Chinese immigrant workers built the longest tunnel in the transcontinental railroad through nearly impenetrable granite during one of the harshest Tahoe winters.

Tahoe Vista Historic Building Served Food and Letters to Patrons


A look at the 86-year history of the building that houses Spindleshanks in Tahoe Vista.

Imagine a Bridge Over the Mouth of Emerald Bay…


The League to Save Lake Tahoe was formed in 1957 to prevent major development in the Basin, and the organization continues the fight today.

Lake Tahoe’s Building Boom in the Roaring Twenties

Lake Tahoe was targeted for a national park in the 1910s, but with the wealth of the Roaring Twenties, rampant development moved in and gave rise to three private estates that now function as attractions in of themselves.

The Bigler Blunder


Calling the most gorgeous and iconic alpine lake in the world “Bigler” has to rank with political bumbling worthy of the current administration. How did it happen? Who should be blamed?

Remembering Truckee’s Masonic Lodge


Truckee's Masonic Lodge was destroyed in a 1993 propane blast. But the building has a long history.

Right Person, Right Time, Right Place

On July 27, 1985, Scott Baumgardner was training a new partner aboard the Sheriff’s Patrol Boat on Lake Tahoe. At about 6 p.m., he and Deputy Dave Harris were dispatched to a possible sailboat in trouble off Cedar Flat. Little did they know', something far more urgent was about to crash into the lake from the sky. Read about the daring rescue of two people from an airplane crash in the '80s.

Tahoe’s Famed Fanny Bridge


The two-lane traffic bridge in Tahoe City is a historic Tahoe landmark.