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In the Past

In the Past provides the rarely told stories of Tahoe/Truckee’s history. We avoid the classic Donner Party tales and other stories that everyone has heard a dozen times unless we are sharing a new, previously unheard-of angle on the topic. Stories can run a vast range of history, from pre-settlement to a decade ago.

A Surveying Scandal in the Sierra


A survey scandal from the 1800s impacts White Wolf owner Troy Caldwell as he tries to establish exact boundary lines for the Squaw-Alpine gondola connect.

California’s Best Whip


A look at the life of Charley Parkhurst, a famous Calfiornia stagecoach driver who lived as a cross dresser.

Wally Gellatt Makes Truckee a Destination


Wally Gellett, who once owned Camp Donner, helped make Truckee a summer and winter destination.

The Fortress in the Forest


The incredible story of Lt. Leo Walker’s quick thinking, selfless action, and a historic bail out over the Sierra Nevada.

The Pyramid Lake Wars


The Truckee River was the site of one of the greatest of the wars between natives and whites in Nevada’s history.

Gray’s Effect


Joseph Gray was a key player in Truckee’s early days, but after dissent brewed in town, even he couldn’t protect the town from vigilante racist agendas.

Blow the Lid Off!


Why are there no records of a peak being flattened in one of the most renowned ski jumping spots in the U.S?

This Land is Your Land, This Land is Whose Land?


Lake Tahoe is split in two, with one half in Nevada and one half in California — but why? It involved an epic trek through the Sierra during the winter of 1843 and a mapping snafu.

Spooked-Out Storytellers

The restless spirits of Truckee/Tahoe are known to make their presence felt. For folks that have seen something, it isn’t just a bunch of hocus pocus.

The Bigler Blunder


Calling the most gorgeous and iconic alpine lake in the world “Bigler” has to rank with political bumbling worthy of the current administration. How did it happen? Who should be blamed?