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In the Past

Tahoe/Truckee’s history

Why Lake Tahoe Never Became a National Park


Why Lake Tahoe never became a National Park

A Fine Line

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency has had to strike a fine balance between conservationists and private landowners throughout its five decades working to preserve the integrity of the Lake Tahoe Basin.

The Rocking Stone and the Crystal Palace

Perhaps no piece of Truckee history spans such a wide range of the past as Truckee’s Rocking Stone — a curiously balanced boulder left...

Chicken Business


Truckee was once home to a large chicken ranch

The Squaw Valley Stables


Looking back to a more peaceful time.

50 Years as a Tahoe Ski Bum


Ever wonder what has changed over the last 50 years in Tahoe? Dick Tash has seen it all … or at least a lot of it.

When Worldwide Church of God invaded North Lake Tahoe!


The week-long Church of God gathering would bring 10,000 church members to Squaw Valley every fall, bolstering the fall economy, but the church turned out to be controversial.

Ursus Horribilis


The California grizzly, once known as Ursus Horrilibus or terrible bear, numbered around 10,000 in population before the 19th century Gold Rush.

A Tale of the River Streets

Eugene Gini, 89, has lived in Truckee all his life. Owner of the riverside Moonshine office, he shares stories from over the decades including unplowed roads and segregated neighborhoods.

The Timeless Headliners of the Kings Beach Bowl


In the summers of 1967-1968 Lake Tahoe benefited from San Francisco’s blossoming psychedelic music scene as name acts like the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, and Buffalo Springfield played at a converted bowling alley we now know as the North Tahoe Event Center.