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Housing Crisis

Eyeing the data and hearing the stories on the streets, Moonshine Ink launched the Housing Crisis series in 2016. The stories and content aim to give context, employ compelling storytelling (such as a collection of personal stories), delve into the data, and look at solutions, while also being creative in how we present the information (such as data visualization).

Small Homes, Big Obstacles

Whatever you call them — ADUs, in-law units, granny flats, what-have-you — they are a solution that appears tailormade for our region, yet it can be incredibly difficult to permit and build these small-scale housing units.

Building Blocks


The cost of construction in the region has been rising at about 10 percent each year, and Truckee is looking off-site for answers. Next year, 217 housing units will be shipped into town from around the West.

What Vail Can Teach Us About Housing


How does Vail meet the housing crisis head on? Vail housing director George Ruther covers personalizing the problem and creative use of deed restrictions in this exclusive Q&A.

The Wait List


With the promise of a rise in affordable housing as new projects get underway in Placer County and the Town of Truckee, we look at the current state of affordable housing, the obstacles to building it, and the creative methods being tested to make it happen.

Tackling Housing Crisis via Propositions, Who’s Filed for Local Seats


California’s upcoming ballot measures; and the roster of candidates for local special districts and Truckee town council seats.

A Village from Scratch


Resident hopefuls work to create a co-housing community in Truckee on West River Street.

Who’s Next Door?


The state of the short term rental market, current and future policy, and who is renting short term and why.

My Life is Your Vacation… Rental


We’re not alone in seeing impacts from short term rentals. Here, Moonshine takes a peek over the neighbor’s fence to see how other mountain communities are reacting to this sharing culture economy.

The Vexing Problem of Short Term Rentals


Airbnb may be changing the housing landscape, but a few local communities are doing what they can to minimize the damage.

Back of the House in Dire Straits


A dwindling pool of kitchen staff has Truckee/Tahoe restaurant owners frantic. At the heart of problem lies the abundance of more lucrative jobs, a shrinking influx of immigrants, substance abuse in the kitchen, and fewer seasonal employees — all factors rooted in the #TahoeHousingCrisis.