Airing dirty laundry on social media often scratches a very uncomfortable itch. Setting aside worldwide message boards like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, folks interested in localizing their questions, comments, and concerns can turn to the Nextdoor app, which allows running commentary for communities and neighborhoods. It’s well-known enough that the Town of Truckee officially joined the fray earlier this summer, and Truckee PD Chief Robert Leftwich uses the site to keep a pulse on the community (See Facebook Cops, p. 16).

We spent the last month combing conversations for the good, the bad, and the ugly. Presented anonymously but in their raw form, noises from your neighbors:

Naked guy on trail


Today at 9 a.m. we spotted a white male, approx. 70 yrs old walking on the Hansel St. entrance trail naked with no clothes, just for your info …

A Lifesaver

Hats off to TD Head Golf Pro James Murtaugh for his quick and extended (20 min) administration of CPR to a guest during a fundraising awards ceremony this weekend. Hell, let’s skip the golf clap and go straight to the standing O!

The Patriotic Beagle

So my girlfriend is a retired flight attendant for both Delta and for one of the major NASCAR teams. In the capacity of the sole flight attendant for the NASCAR team’s corporate jet she traveled North America for years from one NASCAR race to another, meeting all the greats of NASCAR.

Today she and I live together here in Truckee along with her 9-year-old Beagle “Lillie.” I can be seen almost every early morning walking barefoot (or only in my flip-flops) for miles along the Truckee river trail with Lillie.

This afternoon we were watching a NASCAR race when a man sang the National Anthem before the race began, and Lillie got up from behind the sofa and stood in front of the TV and watched for the entire duration of the man’s singing. I started laughing and asked my lady what Lillie was doing. My lady said that Lillie always stands up to listen to our National Anthem whether it’s for a race or ballgame. Wow, a patriotic pooch!!

Does anyone else out there in Nextdoor land have a patriotic dog?

PCT through hikers in Truckee

So living here in Truckee places an old PCT veteran like myself in one of the key re-supply points along that 2,600-mile trail. All this summer and now into the fall I’ve been recognizing that PCT look unique to PCT “through hikers” who’ve hitchhiked down from Donner Pass where the PCT crosses I-80 to either fetch self-mailed food drops from the Truckee P.O. or to buy supplies at Safeway or Save Mart here in town. I engage each PCT hiker I see because I did it in 1978. They are always impressed because they know that those few of us who did the PCT in the 1970s had to do a great deal of our own route-finding because portions of the trail had not yet been completed. There was no GPS in the 1970s so we PCT “pioneers” had to use compasses and USGS topo maps. When asked if I would ever do the entire PCT again, I always say that there’s about 1,000 miles of it I would never care to do again, and that the absolutely prettiest section of the PCT is from the southern terminus of the Sierra (near Lake Isabella) to the Mt. Shasta area, and without dispute, the hardest 200 miles of the entire PCT is the John Muir Trail section of the PCT.

Injured Coyote

There is an injured coyote right in front of Truckee High School. Not sure who to call since the humane society is closed?

[Commented by original poster] Animal services said that he is a local coyote who has had that injury for a few years now. He is all good, just got a back leg that did not heal correctly.

Main Image Caption:BEAR NECESSITIES: A Nextdoor user posted the above photo with the following information: Mama Bear and baby bear on Laurelwood Drive. Photo courtesy Nextdoor user


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