Seasonal Traditions

From Our Readers


We asked our readers about their seasonal traditions, and received responses that were heartwarming, funny, and all-too-real.

~ Tiffany Connolly | Moonshine Ink





I get presents for my pet fish every year. Usually a new plant, rocks, or driftwood. I wrap them and open them in front of the fish tanks.

~ Kristina Lammers via Facebook 

We started the tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree the first year our daughter was born in 2012. We have continued it every year now with our 2-year-old son. Both kids went their first years in front carriers as 2-month-old babies. It is something that means so much to us and I love that it teaches sustainability and forest management to our kids; to love and have gratitude for the beautiful landscape they get to grow up in. As parents, we love the bonding, the quiet of the woods and the effort involved in harvesting a tree that we get to dress up and enjoy for the whole season, and sometimes well into the new year. 

~ Lauren and Shane Sintay via Facebook 

Pet the eagle and scratch the duck on Eagle’s Nest.

~ @terraligna via Instagram 

Instead of (creepy) Elf on the Shelf, we do “Animals’ Santa.” There’s a kids’ book, The Animals’ Santa, where Santa is a snowy owl. We place the owl around the house every day in December. My kids love looking for him each morning! We also read The Night Before Christmas around the tree on Christmas Eve just before bed.

~ Alena Grace via Facebook

Well, it used to be coercing my brother into rehab. Now it’s fights over politics. 

~ @wadesmedia via Instagram 



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