Feel Good Story

To “end on the positive” in our print editions, Feel Good Stories share inspirational stories that impact the community in non-traditional ways.

Changing Tides, Unchanged Charm

Truckee Variety Co. Celebrates 40 Years

The Healing Nature of Pooh

Jerry Johnsen has been a KidZone volunteer for over a decade. He finds solace in creating structures for its exhibits, while also bonding with his grandson.

It Should Work, In Theory

Four teens, one robot, and a dash of grit. The Perpetual Motion robotics team may be the underdog, but its journey to state championships speaks to the power of collaboration and determination.

Art as Medicine

InnerRhythms and a local high school teacher are spreading joy and light to hospital patients through dance and music, respectively.

Rocket Aflame!

Before Hot Dog, there was Children of the Morning, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. We look back at the memorable life of freestyle skier Rocket Bertoli, who is best known for his fire stunt for a ’70s ski movie and turned 80 this spring.

Casting Hope, Connecting Cultures

Siblings Kyra and Ethan Oh teamed up with nonprofit Cast Hope to honor their heritage and connect Indigenous youth with the sport of fly-fishing, which itself is rooted in Indigenous culture.