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Feel Good Story

To “end on the positive” in our print editions, Feel Good Stories share inspirational stories that impact the community in non-traditional ways.

Ellery the Magnificent


North Tahoe School students and staff remember the lovable dog that adopted them.

Young Model Citizens


Johanna Peinado, 16, had her heart set on becoming a nurse, but immediately upon entering Sierra High’s public safety pathway switched her desired career to becoming a firefighter.

Keeping Our Students Here


Lake Tahoe Community College works to protect their DREAMer students

Justice for All


The OneJustice bus brought 14 law students and five immigration attorneys to  offer free immigration advice in Truckee.

Sewing Love into Truckee and Tahoe


The founder of Truckee Love was a single mom working at Starbucks. Now she's also a business owner of a thriving local apparel company.

Tahoe’s Memorials Bringing Us Together


Our hearts ache for the lives who have left us, but memorials give us a chance to look around at all those familiar faces and remember what a special place Tahoe is. Despite our disagreements about the future of Squaw Valley, or the Presidential election, or whatever other issue we will face next, we are all here, finding joy and companionship in this place

Delivering Life-Saving Meals & Warm Smiles

Michelle and Ty Eidam are just two in a fleet of Meals on Wheels volunteers who spend time each week delivering food and friendship to North Tahoe seniors.

The Sky on Fire


This is the story of 54,000 people displaced, 14,000 homes burned to the ground, and over 150,000 acres lost. The 14th Dalai Lama said “if we lose our hope, that’s our real disaster.”

Snow Survival


Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue has educated 7,000 fourth graders over the past 37 years on winter survival techniques.

Is That a Police Officer on a Paddleboard?!?


In unorthodox fashion, Tahoe’s finest will be utilizing paddleboards, electric motorcycles, and horses in addition to their more conventional foot, bike, and squad car patrolling for summer work.