Feel Good Story

To “end on the positive” in our print editions, Feel Good Stories share inspirational stories that impact the community in non-traditional ways.

Life at the Lake, Education Included

LTCC ramps up offerings of four-year degrees available on South Lake Campus.

The Power of a Good Deed

In the Tahoe Basin’s small connected community, one social media superstar has yet again proven to bring people together: Truckee Tahoe People (TTP). We celebrate three good deeds accomplished by the site.

Survival of the Fittest

Tahoe Tessie is 11 inches long, weighs 2.5 pounds, and lives in a 150 gallon tank. No, not that Tahoe Tessie. This Tahoe legend is of the goldfish variety and was rescued from a frozen creek last year.

When There Is A Will, There Is A Way

“Today, I am here to say that despite a completely failing body, I move forward,” Deborah Vick says about her life, and the touching help she receives from her service dog, Peeta.

Spiritual Curiosity Continues

For Goodness Sake’s financial structure is changing, but they will continue offering the same spiritual guidance and leadership. Learn how the community is rallying to keep the doors open at this 14-year-old Truckee nonprofit.

Creating Kind Kin

How to create your own home-grown kindness campaign and ramp up our personal and family kindness quotient.

Honoring Our School Counselors

In honor of School Counseling Week, we spoke to two local counselors who are passionate about their connection to students’ well-being.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Tahoe Donner residents organize to care for a woman in need

Stronger Than Ever

Achieve Tahoe, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017, got it start teaching Vietnam veterans how to ski.

The Power Behind an Egg

The Egg Painting Compassion Project celebrates its thirtieth anniversary this year — learn how Cathee van Rossem-St.Clair has touched the heart and minds of TTUSD students.